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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 93

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pat Sep 24, 2011 01:11:38 PM ET

25 weeks and 3 days pregnant

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AN Sep 21, 2011 10:43:56 PM ET

I am 11 weeks along and have gained 2 lbs. this is my 7th baby. i have had 6 babies in 7 years and my current weight is 120lbs and im 5"6. i have gained anywhere from 40lbs to 25lbs with different pregnancy all my babies have been a healthy 6lbs and i have always lost all the baby weight with in 8 weeks after having them. each pregnancy is different so your body responds long as you eat healthy and take your prenatal vitamin i try not to worry too much about my weight. even though i think it is important to keep an eye on it. my advice is enjoy being pregnant. enjoy your time being a mommy - dont let it slip by. enjoy your new pregnant body and take lots of pictures!!

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Lorren Sep 20, 2011 01:05:38 PM ET

Ok ladies so for those that are worried about not gaining enough weight or even gaining too much weight as long as you are eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and taking your prenatals don't sweat the small stuff! with my son i gained 15 pounds (full term pregnancy), and he was a 7lb 11oz baby, and now 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby i have only gained 3 or 4 pounds and the baby is healthy thus far! sometimes it's all about genetics, and how you carry. for some woman they can carry in their backs, while others may carry higher/lower etc. in terms of losing the weight my friend gained 60lbs while pregnant, and was in her pre-pregnancy clothes within 2 months! the secret breast-feeding, cardio, and a healthy diet! good luck:)oh also age does play a part as well..if your older because your metabolism does slow down, it may take a little longer than someone that in their teens fyi

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Joanna Sep 20, 2011 08:15:58 AM ET

I weighed 108 lbs pre-pregnancy and now i weigh 117 lbs and i'm in my 22nd week. i have gained 9 lbs so far and it says i'm in the range to gain the healthy amount of weight, between 25-35 lbs. my family on the other hand, thinks that i am way too small and should eat more. i am following what my doctor says and my doctor is perfectly okay with my weight gain. my goal is to gain around 25 when it's all said and done. i have been eating normal, about 5 times a day in small portions. and i exercise about 3 times a week, either prenatal yoga or prenatal pilates. i don't think pregnancy should be the time to eat whatever i want and eat a bunch of junk just because i'm pregnant, so i have tried to manage what i eat and make sure i'm making healthy choices for me and my baby. i hope to be back into my regular size rather quickly. we'll see. :-)

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Rebecca Sep 18, 2011 06:44:15 PM ET

I am 34 weeks pregnant. my pre pregnancy weight was 105 and i am about 125. i have continued on a steady exercise routine throughout my pregnancy and it has helped. i do about an hour of cardio a day. such as a light jog/walk, light weights or swimming. it has kept me toned and will allow me to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes within a few weeks. it also makes labor and delivery less stressful!!! :)

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Lisa Sep 18, 2011 12:57:28 PM ET

I am very upset about how much weight i have gained. in my first 6 months i put on 16 pounds and now it has slowed down. i am still slowly gaining weight but have been walking or trying to walk more to keep it off. i just don't like seeing the number 165 or even higher. i am glad to be pregnant but really worried that i won't be able to lose the weight when he finally gets here.

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Nikki Sep 14, 2011 02:11:06 PM ET

I weighed 120 and gained 10 lbs the first month and started a diet b/c i though i was just gaining weight come to find out i started eating less and getting sick. so eating kept that first trimester sickness away which was good but now im in 2nd trimester at 19 weeks and weigh 145lbs. i was lazy but am starting to exercise more and hoping it will help me keep the weight im at which is the goal for my whole pregnancy. i feel like a fat cow but i tried for 7 years to get pregnant and was told i couldn't. here i am though pregnant and as big as a house but loving that i'm pregnant although little depressed on how much weight i have gained...but like someone said above can always get the weight off after baby is here :d

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Ali Sep 13, 2011 09:01:28 PM ET

I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. pre pregnancy weight was 116. i weigh 147. ive gained 31 pounds. i'm 5'4", weight gain was steady until about 6-7 months then i gained about 8 pounds in one month then it slowed down & in the past 2 weeks ive gained 4 pounds. i dont exercise like i will once he is born so im hoping ill be able to lose the weight. only 4 more weeks to go, no use in worrying too much about it now. the weight is allready there & so are the stretch marks. its still a little bumming but it took me 5 years to concieve so im super excited about my son. goodluck everyone!

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Geran Sep 13, 2011 12:38:22 PM ET

I am 5.6 and i was 130 lbs 10 years ago. i have gained 58lbs with my first and lost all but 4 lbs. 2nd one i have gained 57, lost all but 5 lbs. i have started 3rd pregnancy with 140 lbs. and i weight 183 now (30th week) my suggestion to you is not to worry about weight gain as long as you have a happy , health babies. you will deal with it later.

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susan Sep 13, 2011 10:31:31 AM ET

I'm 5'6" weighing 128 lb pre-pregnancy and have gained 0 lbs and am in my 17th week. my ob told me to gain 4 lbs by 3 wks. i'm eating small meals/snacks (until i'm full) every 2 hrs, but still not gaining the weight. not sure how to put on the 4 lbs.

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