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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 99

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Sam Aug 2, 2011 06:25:48 PM ET

This is mad, it breaks down weight gain and totals to well over 25 lbs but because i have a bmi of 30 i've been given a target weight gain of 10-18 lbs. so am i supposed to have to lose weight during pregnancy then? my doc says the same thing and it drives me mad!!! how can i only gain 10 lb when i could potentially have a 10 lb baby?!

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Courtney Jul 31, 2011 01:50:00 AM ET

I'm 32 weeks today and i have only gained 3 - 5ish lbs depending on what day it is. has anyone else had this problem? i like to consider myself overweight because i carry my weight well im a muscular 5'1'' (172 pre preg. 177 now)but my ibm shows obese. has any one else that is around my size had a problem gaining weight? do you(anyone) think i should worry?

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Courtney Jul 30, 2011 08:39:29 PM ET

Seems like everyone is having problems around 25 weeks. i'm also 8 pounds over than what i'm suppose to be. hopefully my next check up will be good and my doctor won't yell at me.

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Jennifer Jul 28, 2011 02:59:15 PM ET

Dannielle, so you weigh a pound less then you did before you got pregnant. i'd say yes you should be worried. you are not supposed to lose weight while you're pregnant. you should've gained a good 15 lbs by now!

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Corri Jul 27, 2011 10:28:44 PM ET

Erica, i wouldn't say your overweight that's a perfect weight for your size it's just what some national american thing says and healthy is what you feel. if you were on a normal weight you'd look too skinny and unhealthy most likely.

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Marie Jul 27, 2011 05:10:59 PM ET

Restricting your weight gain during pregnancy is not a good idea. saying, "i'm only going to gain 15 pounds with this pregnancy" is quite dangerous because you're going to be obsessing over counting calories or eating low-fat, low-calorie foods. the best approach is to eat healthy and stay active. if you gain 40 lbs, so be it. i gained over 50 lbs with my first pregnancy and lost it within a year. if you stay strong and active through your pregnancy, it will not be so difficult to lose the weight. if you become inactive, then the challenge will be to rebuild that muscle mass before you can effectively start to lose the weight and get back into shape.

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stephanie Jul 26, 2011 03:56:46 PM ET

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and with my first pregnancy i gained a total of 37lbs and with this pregnancy i have gained 0, my doctor is not concerned because im eating very healthy so she said im probably losing the fat in my body, but the baby is great she weights 1.5lbs

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objective Jul 26, 2011 02:05:36 PM ET

Breastfeeding does make the pounds melt off, thats with a healthy diet. don't overeat, or eat extra fat calories if your breast feeding, listen to your body and eat organic healthy. also, be aware of how birth control pills affect hormones and wieght after giving birth...i suggest no hormones, and get checked after 3 months to ensure you are are at normal prolactin levels for breastfeeding and eating healthy foods that provide the hormones your body needs. also implement an excercise routine with your baby as a wieght...good play time and mommy baby bonding...1 hour daily.

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Dannielle Jul 26, 2011 09:21:46 AM ET

I am 27 weeks along with my third child. at the beginning of my pregnancy i weighed 122 lbs i am currently at 121 lbs. i feel huge but my scale disagrees and am starting to get concerned. i gained around 35 lbs with both my other pregnancies and delivered at only 34 weeks both were 5 lbs at birth. should i be worried????

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Shannon Jul 25, 2011 02:29:22 PM ET

I am underweight. i was very depressed from a miscarriage and weighed 11 pounds less then i should have, but only 6 pounds under my normal weight. the doctor is counting me as a start off of my normal weight instead of my depressed weight. at first i gained nothing, but now i am 29 weeks and have managed a gain of 19 pounds from my normal weight! i need to gain 9 more pounds to stay on target. every woman is different and i would suggest talking to your doctor about your concerns!

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