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Guest Feb 16, 2014 09:09:35 PM ET

My first day of my last period was jan. 7th. it's now feb 16th. i took a lot of hpt and all came back negative. but, today i started spotting. could i be pregnant or what's going on?

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Guest Feb 15, 2014 07:27:39 AM ET

Hi. i just want to say you should have kept the other baby. why have an abortion and have unprotected sex and get pregnant again when having an abortion in december and then having unprotected sex. now it's february. your taking a risk. you should give your body time to get back to normal after having an abortion. i would have waited longer so i know everything is healed okay. there are people out there that can't have kids or they give birth and they die. it's not a game. you should be grateful. next time please be careful, because things could go wrong with the pregnancy.

Guest Feb 26, 2014 01:18:27 PM ET

Wow, um that's straight up none of your business.

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Guest Feb 13, 2014 10:32:40 PM ET

On 12/20/13 my period came. then on 01/24/14 i took hpt test and it was negative. so the next day my period came and was over on 01/25/14. me and the husband had sex on 01/30/14 to realize i wasn't done with period but went off the 31st of january then 02/05/14 had cramps like my period was coming any day. now it's 02/13/14 and i'm still having cramps like it's coming any day. any help please?

Guest Feb 15, 2014 07:18:56 PM ET

Me too and i found out on the 12th of february i was pregnant. good luck all.

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Guest Feb 13, 2014 12:28:47 PM ET

My last period was january 7th. i had unprotected sex jan 11th, 24th, 25th, and 26th. my cycles range from 31-33 days and it is now february 13th. still no period. usually my breasts hurt a couple of days before my period starts and on the day of this month nothing at all. what do you guys think ? no, i never miss a period.

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Guest Feb 12, 2014 02:53:13 AM ET

Hi. my last period was 12 january and my doubt is when should i take a pregnancy test. i am trying to conceive. please clear my doubt.

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Guest Feb 11, 2014 07:36:16 PM ET

My period started on 1-21 and ovulation was feb 4. i had sex on the 2nd in hopes of something spectacular. i'm normally pretty in touch with my body. i've got a 16 yr old and 7 yr old. i wasn't aware i was pregnant with my oldest but with my 7 yr old, i knew instantly. i would be just several days past ovulation but when is the best to test? i'm uncertain. i feel tingling in my breasts but that's about it. my stomach feels funny at times but i'm thinking i could be just imagining it because that's what i want. anyone?

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Guest Feb 11, 2014 12:55:15 AM ET

Last period was 1/03/2014 and i'm still waiting for it to come this month?

Dee Feb 17, 2014 11:19:52 PM ET

Hi there, my last period was jan. 1st. i was supposed to get my period jan. 24th. still nothing. i didn't question it because i was diagnosed with graves disease on jan. 10th. my hormones are all over the place. i was 21 days late. i decided to take a hpt just to rule out the thought of being pregnant, and guess what? i'm 6 weeks pregnant. please do yourself a favor and take a test.

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Guest Feb 9, 2014 10:57:00 PM ET

My friend's last menstruation was january 12-15, 2014 and she had unprotected sex last feb 1, 2014. supposedly, she is expecting her next period feb 8, 2014 since she has a 28 day cycle but the problem is until now she doesn't have menstruation yet. yesterday and today, she took a pregnancy test but both were negative. is there a possibility that she is pregnant? she's delayed 2 days already. please she needs your opinion. she is not ready for pregnancy and she is confused and scared.

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Guest Feb 6, 2014 10:08:23 AM ET

Hi. i missed my period by 9 days. usually i will have regular periods. my last period was on 30th of dec. and i had unprotected sex on 25th of january. i did over exercise on 22-24 of january. what could be the reason for my missed period? over execise or sex? i am o confused. could i be a pregnant? please suggest.

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Guest Feb 5, 2014 07:30:30 PM ET

Okay this is mt first post ever. i got af on jan 14 2014. i ovulated on jan 25 2014. i'm ttc so i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend during my fertile window. my birthday was feb 1, and i had some brownish spotting. very little though. my period isn't due until the 11th of feb. do u think that was implantation bleeding or am i going crazy because i'm trying to conceive?

Layla Feb 7, 2014 04:25:38 AM ET

I am in the same boat (af on jan 14 and 29th day cycle). i ovulated around the same time, maybe jan 26th, but no implantation bleeding yet! yours sounds like it could be, maybe test at the time af is due!? i am crossing my fingers for feb 11th to test. :)

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