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Baby Names: Pip Elliot Nicholls, Pip Balthazar Nicholls, Pip Oliver Nicholls, Pip Archie Nicholls,
Help us pick a name for our baby girl! Brothers names are Dominick and Darius.

Baby Names: Demeigh (Demi), Dawsyn, Drue, Demaris,
Our last name starts with a C and is only one syllable. We want a name that is a little longer, but I love a good nickname! Thanks for your help

Baby Names: Serena, Alaia, Alessia, Tessa,
My husband and I are having trouble deciding on a name for our baby girl.

Baby Names: Hildegard, Mona, Serenity, Persephone,
We have a son named Deklan. Looking for a unique, but not outrageous, name for baby brother.

Baby Names: Huxley, Cayden, Hudson,
Looking for a baby boy name

Baby Names: Lennon, Jason, Ellis, Skye,
We want one of the names to honor my Arabic heritage so are thinking Noor will be the middle name unless the first name is Arabic. Brooke is a family name. Our last name starts with an S, and has two syllables. (We would pronounce Aila like EYE- luh) Any

Baby Names: Aila Noor, Sofia Noor, Nora Brooke, Aila Brooke,
Please help name our baby girl!! Brother name is Jack

Baby Names: Eva Marie Cooper, Ava Marie Cooper, Hannah Marie Cooper, Naomi Marie Cooper,
Please help me find the best name among the above two names

Baby Names: Sanav, Smyan,
Need help picking out a boys name !

Baby Names: Nicholas, Luke, Daniel, Emanuel,
Due in 5 weeks and he still doesn't have a name. Middle name is Thomas. I posted on another site and it tied so I came here. We had Brennan in the mix but it seemed the least fav. Thanks.

Baby Names: Liam Thomas, Oliver Thomas,
Emmary or Evelina?

Baby Names: Emmary, Evelina,
Can't decide name for boy, Culan or Calan?

Baby Names: Culan, Calan,
Baby Names: Gwennora, Lucybree, Joliette, Zoegrace,
Baby Names: Ava, Isabella,
Please let me know which first name you prefer with middle name Catherine and if there is any particular reason. Any suggestions welcome. 😀 Thanks!

Baby Names: Isla Catherine, Enya Catherine,
Essence of the world

Baby Names: Jagath Varshan, Jagath saran, Saran Santhosh, Shiv raju,
Baby Names: Gwennora, Lucybree, Joliette, Zoegrace,
Baby Names: Annaleah, Analeah, Analea,
Baby Names: Chance, Ace,

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