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Could i be pregnant?

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  • NZSH 08-31-15 | 06:55 AM
  • my LMP was 5th august with 25 days cycle i had spot on my pad on 27th day that is 31st august but then it stops now whenever i go to washroom i at times had a small amount of blood which is brown dark in color.we are desperately trying to concieve for 8 months since we are married...plz help me
  • kellyK123456 09-02-17 | 11:46 PM
  • You can easily get pregnant within 4-5 months with proper diet, regular checkups, and proper exercise. I remember in the year 2016 January i was in a great situation of stress and depression when my doctor told me that i might face miscarriage problems in future as well. It was a moment when i was totally heartbroken. When i remember those days i still find it as a bad dream. It was my husband who searched the net and found a very famous clinic in Ukraine for human production issues. We went there in the end of February and consulted the gynecologist. She told me about the diet i should start in continuation with medicines and health checkups. I followed proper diet plan and exercise which boosted my metabolism. After almost 3 months of proper treatment, i conceived naturally and is a mother of a beautiful and healthy baby boy. So i believe that anyone can beat infertility or miscarriage problem very easily it just that you need to switch to a healthy lifestyle as well as consult a good gynecologist.
  • dazzyshahu 09-20-17 | 11:41 PM
  • Hi friend, I can understand your problem in easy way because I also face same problem in my life just 2 year ago. You can easily conceive within two and three month with appropriate planning to get healthy baby gift that fulfill your whole life with happiness. There are 20% women who are facing difficulty in conceiving. I am feeling happy and proud to get this golden opportunity in my life to share my valuable experience with you to overcome this horrible problem in your life.
    You should follow my valuable tips and tricks very strictly to see sudden magic effect on your body and mind to convert your dream into reality. It is not easy job to overcome this stressful situation in life. This is medical certified fact that stress and depression are very harmful for conceiving couple. You should handle this horrible demon stress with effective and powerful yoga and meditation to make appropriate balance in your life to get full relaxation. You can start your planning with real bonding with your partner that is very important to have proper balance in your marriage life to co-operate each other to overcome this horrible problem in positive way.
    You should follow natural way to conceive with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle that provides appropriate nutrition to your body for smooth working and appropriate blood supply to all body with easy exercise as per hour capacity and endurance that is sufficient to hear good news sound like me that fulfill your whole life with endless happiness. It is dream of every woman to enjoy labor fruit in life. It is good signal that you are aware about your health. You should maintain regular period cycle and high hemoglobin level in your blood to conceive easily.

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