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Lost my twin babies

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  • erica456 07-01-16 | 04:31 AM
  • Hi all.. I was carrying twin babies. During the cesarean, the carelessness of doctor made wounds on the face of my two babies and I lost them. We have not yet recovered from that shock. My hubby said that we can sue against that doctor via the medical malpractice lawyer, Campisi Law. He wants to see the doctor getting maximum punishment. I would like to know, does anyone here know about medical negligence cases? How long will it take? Do you know any other expert in this field? If so, please mention that too
  • amanda21 12-25-16 | 12:31 AM
  • Firstly, I want to express my sincere condolence to you and your family. And I'm so sorry that I don't have any experiences about the negligence cases. That doctor deserves to to punished because of his mistakes. I also hope that you and your family will overcome the pain soon.
    Best regards,
  • katrinarichs45 03-22-17 | 05:10 AM
  • My hearty condolence to you and your family. I don't have any idea regarding this medical negligence cases but the doctor should be punished for his carelessness. Also, they should cancel the doctor's certificate. So that this won't happen anymore.

    I hope you and your family overcome this loss soon. May God Bless you all!!!
  • kellyK123456 08-22-17 | 11:05 AM
  • Hello erica256, sorry to hear about the loss of your twins. It’s seriously very disheartening for me and i know what phase you and your family are going. I am sorry but i don’t have any idea or experience of medical negligence, but i can surely say you can search for some good rated lawyers and have a talk with them. To see the doctor behind bars will take time but I am sure if you put up a case on him he will surely get punished. He deserves harsh punishment. I pray you and your family overcome this loss. May the lord bless you.