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My Journey to get to this point

My Journey to get to this point

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  • stephwit2 stephwit2's Avatar 09-13-11 | 11:53 PM
  • WOO HOO. I just found out on August 7th, with a home digital, I"M PREGNANT!I loved seeing "pregnant" i would stare at it.. Everything was so wonderful, husband and kids were happy. Until the unexpected twists came.
    Pain in my stomach, sharp, shooting, i thought it was just 'growing pains'.. The doctor got me in his office the same day. Which was August 15th. Did a u/s to find a "blob". Told me i would have to come back Friday for another u/s.
    Week went by so upset but was still hopeful!
    With in the week blood tests were done to find out levels were only at 171. Friday rolled around and i was so excited to see a heartbeat, but come to find out the "blob" didn't grow or was there a heartbeat to hear. Right after he pulled the u/s out he looked at me, and said "did you know you were bleeding"?
    My heart sank and i cried my eyes out, as he told me what to expect in the next 48 hours and to keep clots, to do autopsy's on them. weeks went by and i was starting to heal emtionally and physcially. As more blood tests were done.

    Went to church Sunday August 28th. Sitting in at church i doubled over in pain that i have never felt before... It was pain that i will never be able to describe, or want to feel again. My husband drove 90 mi. in a 35 to rush me to the ER.
    I was rushed in, and put on a IV, pain medicaitions. as every 30 min-1hr i was wanting more pain meds. U/S were done and there was neither a sac, or any baby that they could see.

    I finally was rushed to a main hosptial for ER surgery to find out what was going on. Levels went up 171-182-210.
    I was in shock and wondering what my body was doing. As i was getting prepared for surgery all i could pray about is i hope everything is okay. No-where did i think while in surgery they had to remove my tube and the baby that was stuck inside. My heart sank so low, as i asked softly to my nurse. " did you really take my baby"?
    She not only said the baby but my tube. this has been such an emtional roller coaster i just keep writing down all my thoughts ... I only know that GOD has my plan in his hands and i will lean on him for all my answers. Thanks for taking time to read my journey.

  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-14-11 | 12:13 PM
  • I'm so sorry Steph
Thank you 2babygirls!
stephwit2 (09-15-11)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 09-14-11 | 06:37 PM
  • I'm sorry for your loss

    There are too many of us who understand loss. It's aching pain...
    I will keep you in my thoughts.

    Last edited by countrycutieluv; 09-14-11 at 06:40 PM..
Thank you countrycutieluv!
stephwit2 (09-15-11)
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 09-14-11 | 07:58 PM

    I'm so sorry.
Thank you rudolphia!
stephwit2 (09-15-11)
  • stephwit2 stephwit2's Avatar 09-15-11 | 12:51 PM
  • Thank you all so much, it's been really hard. However i know one day things will all come to clear. It hurts because my past preg. i had no problems like this at all. Now that we were trying finally got preg it all went down hill from there. It's really hard to comprehend but i know, that you all know how i feel and understand me. It's been a rough journey because ALL i see if everyone getting preg. and it hurts because i couldn't have my preg. healthy.
    Thank you all so much. means alot. <3

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