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so frustrating....

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  • tiaonia tiaonia's Avatar 12-29-07 | 02:40 PM
  • I don't even know what to think or do anymore....

    Finally got a call from a fertility clinic saying they have an appt opening and I can start coming to see them. But they're in another city 2 hours away. And they want me to be there early in the morning so DH can do a SA. The earliest we can be there is noon unless we leave the night before, because we have to take the greyhound. And if we left the night before we'd need to stay in a hotel, but with no way to prebook the dang hotel, it looks like I'm just going to have to cancel.
    This situation is a total headache. And of course everyone ive talked to is just saying if its meant to happen it will....

    Well hey, if I listen to them and believe that then I guess after 3 years trying it must not be in the cards for me, yeah?

    Anyway I just had to get this off my chest mostly.

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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 12-30-07 | 11:36 PM
  • Do you think they could just move up an appt. for you?? Why does the SA have to be in the morning?

    I'd call back -- don't give up!!

  • tiaonia tiaonia's Avatar 12-31-07 | 10:55 PM
  • good idea i might just see if we can postpone the appt....

    it has to be in the morning because thats the only time that lab is open....
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 01-01-08 | 09:07 PM
  • what a headache! you just keep at it. if its a baby you want and this is the way to get it, then it might take some perseverence. i've found that everything seems to be a hassle, but i know how you feel. i used to have to drive an hour from work at weird times for my iui because of the dr's schedules sometimes! good luck!