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  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 01-28-05 | 11:53 AM
  • Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

    I plan on doing a little cleaning in the yard this weekend. I need to prune some rosebushes and plant some more to replace the couple that I pulled out last summer. I also want to plant a couple of new trees. Other than that, I really need to do some grocery shopping.

    Also, I am awaiting the arrival of that ole witch. I should start my cycle today because I am experiencing some heavy cramping. So it looks like I will be contacting my RE first thing Monday morning for my medicated cycle.

  • Cracker_Jac Cracker_Jac's Avatar 01-30-05 | 06:54 AM
  • Mandi
    I hope this cycle is the one for you!

    Where do you live that you can plant rose bushes now? We have nothing but freezing temperatures!

    I am to sick to do anything. I feel like a big blob lately and wishing I could have a little energy. We need to pick up samples for our downstairs floor. We are remodeling this spring. Maybe I will get al ittle energy today.
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 01-30-05 | 05:25 PM
  • Jacqui~

    I live along the gulf coast ~ we don't have 4 seasons here! I was telling Bethann how I wish she could pakcage up some snow and send it down south.