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Todays Gynae Appt Update

Todays Gynae Appt Update

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  • Tamsin Tamsin's Avatar 02-09-06 | 06:54 PM
  • Hi Everyone,

    Got to my Appt on time, only to find that they had no record of my appt! Great start! It transpired that when I phoned up last month to change another appt at the hospital, for something different, the idiot receptionist at the time, cancelled my Gynae appt instead! No wonder there was so much confusion at the other appt and they didn't have my notes there to hand!! Anyway, thankfully they got someone to go and retrieve my notes again and I was fitted in. Ah the joys of having to go and sit in a Gynae Clinic waiting room, surrounded by lots of heavily pregnant women - NOT!!

    I waited about 45mins - 1 hour, (they were under staffed and busy!) and was finally seen by my Gynae Consultant. I'd just started to speak, when the phone rang, he answered, had his conversation and then hung up. Started speaking again, when the phone went again. Again he had his convo and hung up. I should say at this point that he was the only Gynae Consultant in Clinic today and they only had one other SHO, (Senior House Officer). They had already put out an urgent plea to any other SHOs to come and help with clinic, as soon as they'd finished their rounds!!! Yep, it was gonna be one of those days!

    Anyway finally got talking when blow me down, his pager goes off! Cue emergency dash to labour ward to give the diagnosis that a lady needed an emergency c section! Good old NHS and lack of professional medical staff and so the one's that are left, are super stretched!!

    Finally he comes back after about 10-15 mins and our consultation is finally able to happen!

    He has referred me for a special TVS (Trans-Vaginal Scan), with a specialist in cysts who then should be able to tell me more detail about my cyst, whether it would have any effect on a future pregnancy, when he may need to aspirate it etc. This should be within the next 4 weeks. Thankfully the new cyst has remained the same size since post Op.

    He said my chances of conceiving naturally with just one tube were still good, not as ideal as having two tubes obviously, but higher than 50%! As well as obviously the eggs leaving the left ovary and going down my clear left tube, eggs can also leave the right ovary and basically hop across and be sucked up by the left tube too, iykwim! Yes, this can happen! The other Con on Tuesday said the same thing!

    Sooooo, I then went on about the IVF and he stopped me and said, I'd have to go to my G.P. to discuss that and for a referral. I should also say here, that just before I left for my appt, the PCT lady called me and gave me the clinical criteria, for IVF Referral, for my area and all, bar the weight issue, we are eligible for.

    So all in all another positive appt! Wow what a week aye!

  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 02-10-06 | 04:31 PM
  • OMG~ The details of your appt are making my head spin. How you managed to stay sane during that ordeal puzzles me. The thing that gets me is, how would he have reacted had you been the one with all the interruptions! That just burns my "you know what".
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 03-05-06 | 01:13 PM
  • Wow that does sound like a full day! I have heard the same thing about having just one functioning tube that will make up for the lost tube.
    It looks like you are doing great on your weight loss, so I am hoping that helps you in your eligibilty for IVF. I think of you often and I so want you to have a baby in your arms some day very soon!

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