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Trying to conceive after a miscarriage

Trying to conceive after a miscarriage

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  • buchele30 06-16-08 | 09:06 PM
  • My husband and I got pregnant last September, and were so excited. I am going to be 37 in a couple of months, and have a son that is 17 1/2 yrs. old. My husband and I just got married last year, and he does not have any children, and it is the first marriage for either of us. I would love to have 2-3 more children. I will discuss my history a little bit, and hopefully there is not anyone judgemental on here. I had my son in 1991. I got pregnant twice after that and it was during a very very difficult time in my life, and had two abortions. I do not condone this in any way, but at the time I made very poor decisions. Since then, I have given my life over to God and I have changed greatly, and have nothing but remorse and sorrow for the decisions I made. Now since I have gotten married July 2007, my husband and I became pregnant and I lost the baby 6 weeks into the pregnancy. It was very traumatic due to it being a spontaneous abortion. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is where the entire embronic sac comes out along with the baby inside. That took place Nov. 5th. We are now trying to conceive this month, and I wonder if before beginning this process, if anyone has any advice for me regarding conception at the age of almost 37, and with my past history. My periods are off by a few days or even a week sometimes. Counting from the first day of my last period, I am on day 9 as of today. Any advice as far as ovulation, conception, and even the factors of my age would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 06-16-08 | 09:17 PM
  • Hi Leigh,
    Welcome to TBC. I am Sarah (co-mod of this board) and I am also 37 and TTC. I'm glad you have found us.

    I don't think you'll get anyone judging you around here -- we are a very diverse group with lots of variety in all parts of our lives.

    I would do the baby dance (se
    every other day to cover your bases and keep DHs swimmers healthy. I'd also get some OPKs (ovulation predictor kit) so you have a sense of when you ovulate.

    My doc has me temping since my periods are also irregular.

    Congratulations on finding a great guy and starting again! I hope you stick around and get to know us.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-16-08 | 09:28 PM
  • Leigh,

    to TBC!

    I'm Deanna, 31, and also co-mod of this board. My DH and I have been TTC #3 since September 2006. We've had 5 consecutive miscarriages in that time, so I know the sorrow you feel. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Sarah is right--BD'ing every other day, using OPK's, and charting your cycle (
    ) will help you pinpoint ovulation and help increase the chances of conception.

    On a side note,
    is a healing ministry for women coping with the effects of pregnancy loss through abortion. They can be of great support and resource.
  • buchele30 07-19-08 | 03:14 PM
  • Hello Sandra and Deanna! I am sorry I have not gotten back on here in the past 4 weeks. I appreciate the encouragement and advice. I had my last period on June 8th, and should have started by the 7th or 8th. I am not officially 12-13 days late. I have been taking the hpt's since the 1st day of my missed period. I took a blood test on the 9th day of my missed period, but it was the yes/no blood test and not the kind that measures the hcg levels. I have irregular periods occasionally, but they are usally not over 4-5 days late. I do not have the sore/enlarged breasts at all, but here are the symptoms I am having, even as recent as yesterday. I began being extremely emotional and crying easily in the past 2-3 days, and am urinating more often. I have slight headaches, lower back pain, and slight nausea. The nausea is not anything that makes me feel like I am going to throw up. My appetite has decreased a little, but am definitely craving stuff like chocolate and all the bad stuff. lol! I have felt a very slight cramping, but it is not painful at all, and my face is slightly broken out which is a little different from the breakouts I get when I am about to start. I am going nuts since the tests are negative, both htp and the bt's too. Any advice? I have never been this late before. I am hoping and praying we are pgt. How long should I wait before I test again? Should my breasts be sore ? I have always had the sore breasts as a symptom, and this would also be the 1st time I have not tested positive within a few days after a missed period. HELP!
  • buchele30 07-19-08 | 03:15 PM
  • Oops, one more thing. I am sure you figured it out, but to give exact info. I should have started by the 7th or 8th of July, and today is July 19th already.


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