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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 11-18-07 | 12:10 AM
  • Well, since last week, I've had lots of time to sit, worry and research the cancer that I have and my little lost miracle
    helped the doctor find.

    It is a basic topical/skin cancer. How it got to my v-j-j I have no clue!!! Once they cut it out, it will be gone for good. I have been referred to a dermatologist for a full skin evaluation to make sure no other areas are lurking unfound.

    So, on Monday, I go in to the hospital for outpatient surgery. The doctor said the surgery would be like a fourth level episotomy/tear in terms of size and healing. I've never had a tear or episotomy and am not looking forward to any of it. To add insult to injury here, I have my period --- yucky for surgery down below --- and, they will make me have a pregnancy test that morning!!! They are going to give me some kind of an IV with a painkiller/sedative in it and I"m terrified it will make me puke like the one for my d&c nearly did. Frankly, I'm having my own little freak out over it all -- more about the surgery part than the actual cancer....
    I really can't see Monday going well at all.....

    So, it looks like I won't get to start TTC again until this heals and, I'm betting, they'll make me wait six weeks or so for full healing.
    This means no romance for my bday, Christmas, my anniversary, new years ..... SH!T!!!!

    Anyway.... that's the update!!
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 11-18-07 | 12:28 AM

    well be glad that you will be healthy for when its time for you TTC. at least they found it early on enough to where you wouldnt have any harsh procedures done. good luck and i will be
    ing for a speedy recovery
  • Brendalw Brendalw's Avatar 11-18-07 | 02:53 AM
  • Hugs to you! i will be praying for you any surgery is scary. Let us know how it goes.
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 11-18-07 | 11:59 AM
  • So sorry Sarah!
    Stay strong and hope Monday goes as well as it can.
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 11-18-07 | 12:28 PM
  • I'll be thinking of you Monday!!! Hope all goes well!

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