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Where do I belong? TWW or TTC

Where do I belong? TWW or TTC

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  • Just30 12-02-07 | 01:03 PM
  • Hello,
    Well, here is am 15 days past AF and my temp spiked up this morning (usually indicating that I have ovulated). I have been using the OPK every day so I know that I have not ovulated. Just when I thought I was ready to head to the TWW, I find myself now wondering what is going on and just feeling that I didn't ovulate this month and now I have to wait again for AF. I'm actually not that upset, just frustrated. My body has always been pretty good at regulating, etc and now since my loss, I'm all over the place.
    Loss was 10/10, thought I got AF 3 weeks later on 11/1 and then got AF again 2 weeks later on 11/18. So, maybe I just need another round to get back to normal. I fear that I will not bounce back quickly and that is frustrating. Why aren't I ovulating?????
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 12-02-07 | 02:14 PM
  • sigh.... it could take 3 cycles is what my dr has told me......I fortunately did regulate right away, but i'm assuming that's bc I was on clomid after the first AF after one of my losses.... and I had been TTC for about 6 mos with 2 losses at that point.....

    if you're not ovulating and using the opks correctly, then perhaps you could talk with your ob about clomid? it's supposed to regulate your ovulation.....
  • Just30 12-02-07 | 02:23 PM
  • My drs office basically told me to wait 90 days from my loss and if things aren't back to "normal" then, we'd talk about it. I am hoping it will regulate soon. It HAS only been 7 1/2 weeks since my loss so I know it could take some time.
    I just HATE waiting!!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 12-02-07 | 09:45 PM


    I know it's darn near impossible, but try to relax and let your body do what it needs to. Getting regulated is part of the key to getting a healthy pregnancy going.

  • Brevbron 01-08-08 | 08:59 PM
  • I had a miscarriage in JULY, i was 9 wks pregnant.

    We'be been TTC since August, and NOTHING, weird thing is that we were normally "fertile myrtles", i got PG with both my kids while on the Pill. !!!!!! and got PG last May(07) on our 1st try, but lost it in late JULY. Sooooooooooo, nothing for 5 mths now, and I'm getting very frustrated. They say< dont try so hard> , but come on now, when we want it so bad, its hard not to try. !!!!!!!

    I'm 32 yrs old, so I'm NO spring chicken.
    My son is 11- and he has AUTISM>

    My 4 yr old is normal and healthy- so we want more !!!!!