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  • Blue Eyes 10-14-04 | 01:34 PM
  • I thought it might be interesting to get to know eachother and what better way than to spend a day in the life of...YOU. Who wants to start?
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-21-04 | 02:49 AM
  • I guess I will

    I get up at 7:30 to my dd (15 months) waking me up saying "Dadddddy??" She's in my room with me, and her crib is only about 6 feet away. She loves to tease me by calling me Daddy.
    I get her out of her crib, and nurse her on both sides while playing with her and listening with half an ear to the morning news.

    In the meantime, my dh has awakened our 7 other children down at the other end of the house (our house is a big "L" shaped rambler) at 6:30am and they are showered and eating breakfast.

    I usually play with Mia (my dd) and put her on the potty chair while I go and brush my teeth. Then I re-diaper her and take her to one of my sons in the kitchen and either they or I make her some breakfast. While she eats, I come to TBC and check in and check my email.

    When she's done eating, and the boys are starting to get to their school work for the day, I take Mia and retreat to my bedroom suite and begin assigning school work to each boy, and checking and correcting assignments that weren't finished the day before. If they have any questions, I answer them then, or throughout the day as they need me.

    After the boys are settled, and the two youngest (Milo almost 6 and Jacob 4) are situated with crayons and paper, or pencils, or their easel or Sesame Street, I take Mia and we shower. I get her all washed, wash myself and then we go in our towels to the bedroom to dress and comb our hair. Mia usually sees my breasts at this point and demands a quick "nummy nummy nummy" (as she calls it), so I nurse her quickly and then get dressed for the day. She then plays with her toys in her toy box and I clean, teach or visit TBC as needed/wanted. I also use this time to pack soap orders and print invoices.

    At lunchtime, I make lunch for the boys, Mia and myself. Once they are finished, Milo and Jacob go down for a quick nap, and that affords me the time to teach History, Literature, English or Science as needed depending on the day. The boys do Spelling, Reading, and most of their math on their own. The group subjects are always done all together after lunch.

    Mia usually plays quietly through that, or sometimes nurses to sleep for a 1.5 hour nap. When we're done with a group lesson, the boys finish their school work for the day and I tend to my soap business, answer emails or again, come to TBC!!

    At 1pm I sometimes need to pick up my oldest son from work (he's taking his driving test again on October 27th and hopes to pass this time
    ) and we sometimes run quick errands like to the Post Office, grocery store or gas.

    At this time of the day, my Rheumatoid Arthritis is usually in full swing, so I am pretty much done for the day. My energy level drops way off and my pain level rises significantly. Since I'm breastfeeding still, I can't take pain meds and I have to lower my activity levels to get by (which is VERY frustrating!!)

    If the boys get finished, they can be done with school by 3pm and then play, clean their rooms or do chores as needed. Mia gets up from her nap and usually she plays nicely with Milo and Jacob for a little while before tiring of them and playing with me again. At about 4pm if I'm up to it, I start dinner or one of the boys starts it under my direction. They are fabulous cooks by the way, and LOVE it!

    My dh is home around 5pm and we usually eat pretty quickly after he gets home. On Monday nights we have Scouts at 6:30-8pm and Tuesdays we have meetings and Wednesdays we have Youth Group and Thursdays it's "Survivor Night"!!! Friday nights are spent together either playing games or watching t.v. Even my oldest son brings his girlfriend over and we just hang out. We have a lot of fun.

    I usually check my email and chill at the computer here at TBC and ebay until I am sufficiently tired and I go to bed at around 1am. Phew!
  • Blue Eyes 10-23-04 | 12:07 AM
  • Good Lord Tracy you get the super woman award

    Well here goes my day...

    I generally get up at about 7:30am to my son Dakota (23 mos) either banging his feet on the wall that adjoins my room or to him "singing" his little poeple son or in his words weetle peepo
    . I get him up, diaper changed, and dressed, then we go to the bathroom and brush our hair and teeth. Then we get his baby sister "JJ" Jennika (6 mos) up and dressed as well. Right now I also watch 2 kids but that will be ending in a week so I'll skip that part. By now it's 8:30 and we go downstairs to the playroom and have free time while I eat and prepare breakfast. The kids eat by 9:00 and then it's Dora time for Dakota and JJ goes into her bouncy so I can clean up from breakfast and prepare lunch (ahead of time). Now I let the dogs out for potty and let them eat breakfast. By 10:00 I let the dogs back in and put JJ down for her 2 hour nap. Dakota and I go outside, play, or read books until 11:00. I exercise until 11:30 and then shower and get ready until 12:00. JJ gets up and then I feed the kids lunch. Free time again while I clean up and then it's quiet time (3 hrs.) for Dakota until 3:00. During this time I feed JJ, prepare for snack time, clean the playroom, pay bills, make calls, take out something or start to prepare for dinner and lurk on TBC. At 3:00 Dakota gets up and has snack. I clean him up from that and I watch my show from 4-5:00 so it's free time for Dakota and JJ takes her second 2 hour nap until 6:00. From 5-6:00 I'm usually cooking dinner and walking the dogs and Dakota (if dh is home). By 6:00 JJ is up and we're all ready to eat dinner. From 6:30-8:00 I'm cleaning up dinner, preparing for tomorrow, playtime a little, and then bath, book, and bed for the kids. By 8:30 I reside on the couch exhausted and watch tv and chat with dh until 9:30-10:00 and then dh goes to bed and then I come on here for an hour and then go to bed.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-23-04 | 01:22 AM
  • Sounds like we're both pretty darn busy to me!!
  • frogger773 frogger773's Avatar 10-25-04 | 10:08 PM
  • Well ladies, my day seems pretty laid back compared to you alls.

    6:30am the alarm goes off for Eddie to get up and ready for work, I try to continue sleeping till ds Colton (20 months) wakes up sometime around 7. He comes to my bed and wallers on me for a few minutes then it is off to the kitchen for some milk. I change him while he is drinking his milk. Colton and I feed the fish and watch them eat while snuggling on the couch.
    Pretty lazy I know!! I get up and fix us something for breakfast, we eat and Colton watches a cartoon while I clean up a few things and check out TBC. Around 10 o'clock we get dressed and start cleaning the house, Colton always has to help clean whatever I am cleaning.
    Around 11:30,we fix something for lunch. After lunch we both lay down for a nap from 12:30 to 2 or so.. We get up, have play time inside or out depending on the weather. I come in around 4 to start supper. Dad gets home at 4:30 and him and Colton are off to play. I check TBC then we eat supper, play till bath time at 7:30.. Relax on the couch watch a little TV till Colton goes to bed between 8 and 9. I come to the computer and live on TBC till bed time.10:30pm

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