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Question more daycare questions....

So, during the week I was off of work, we were only able to tour one daycare. Since I know nothing about daycare centers, I was hoping to get some opnions/answers from ya'll.

There was keypad entry & keypad sign-in. The toddler room was no where near the front door, but we were shown around & the toddler room seemed small but was full of colorul toys & furniture. It also had a connecting door to the 2 yr old room, which where I think they serve the meals for that age range & where they combine them towards the end of the day when there is just a few left waiting on pick up. The center has seperate spaces for infants through pre-k. Actually the main space that takes up the most room is for pre-k. We didn't get to see the outside, but the director said the toddlers have their own fenced in outside playarea with age appropriate toys & equipment. She showed us the menu; they serve breakfast between 7-8am.

-Does that mean I have to drop her off at 7 or before? B/C that is earlier than I currently drop her off & we both don't want to wake up in morning, lol!

My main concern was the sleeping arrangements for nap time. They each get a cot, which essentially looks like a small dog bed. (PVC pipe frame with some sort of tarp looking material & it is raised about a foot of the ground. My dd sleeps in a crib still (including at my moms) & she moves around a lot while sleeping. Will she be able to sleep on this cot thing? Will she roll off? What are the sleeping arrangments like where your child goes?

Oh, and there was a little girl about dd's age that got dropped off while we were there, and she was wailing! The director told us that is just that little girls routine every day & sometimes she screams so much, she makes herself throw up, so they just try to keep her calm until she gets it out of her system. Is this normal?
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What you describe sounds pretty typical of daycares. The rooms are not huge generally but spacious enough to have about 6 kids where they are not on top of each other. The 2 daycares we used (other than a smaller run one I didn't like for 1 year) had huge rooms. They were very large daycares with over 400 kids attending from 6 week to 4 year old though.

I wouldn't worry about the cot. Actually it works to your benefit because she'll be ready for a toddler bed after napping there. The cot's are safe and it gives them independance when they are ready to get up, putting their own blankets on , lying down etc.
She will adjust to that pretty easy.

I'd ask some more questions on how much time they have outside, ask about drop off / breakfast. Our kids had breakfast from 7-8 and as long as you dropped them off by 7:45 they were still served. You can always feed her at home and just opt to not worry over breakfast at D/C.
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Thank you savannah33!
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Every daycare is different. Just talk to the director about your concerns - baby cot instead of a crib, separation anxiety and other concerns you might have. If you feel is not right for your daughter needs, maybe you have time to visit a few more daycare centers so you can pick the most suitable one.
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I agree with the above - sounds typical. Our daycare switches to cots @ 18 months - you have to be there 15 minutes before the end of breakfast if you want it etc. Ask lots more questions and tour more centers - you will find one that is right for you. And there are some kids that scream no matter where they are, so don't let it scare you. I can tell you this, if you don't feel like you can totally talk to the adults that work there, it isn't the place for you - you need to feel that connection. Good luck!
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Thank you amitrat!
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The cot is very typical. The thing you also need to see is how far apart the cots are spaced - there are licensing rules that have to be followed for health concerns (spread of germs).

For breakfast, the 7-8 means that if you want her to eat breakfast there, she has to arrive at school before 8 or they will not feed her until lunch. If they are on the Child Care Food PRogram (CCFP) there are very strict regulations they have to follow about meal times.

Why did you not see the outdoor play area for the toddlers? That is just as important as the inside, especially with the additional safety concerns that are part of outdoor play.

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Thank you ~babydoll~!
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