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Thumb sucking

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  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 11-07-12 | 10:40 AM
  • Ok, so Molly will NOT take a paci.
    She recently has started sucking her thumb. A lot of people want to tell me not to let her.

    Do i break her from it now?
    If so, how do i go about that?
    She is almost 8 months.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 11-07-12 | 11:42 AM
  • My first used a paci and my last two were thumbsuckers. There's not a lot you can do if they want to suck their thumbs. AND--there's the convenience of never losing it like a paci gets lost.

    Our daughter sucked her thumb until about kindergarten and we broke her of the habit in about 3 days using a thumb guard. It was no problem, she didn't complain, and it was easy as pie. Our son stopped sucking his thumb on his own around age 2 1/2-3 (he'll be four in 3 months). We didn't say anything to him...he just stopped on his own.

    Children want to self-sooth and whatever works for them, works for them. At 8 months old, she's learning that she's separate from you so soothing herself is natural. I think it's a good thing that she's attempting to do that for herself instead of relying solely on you for all of her soothing needs.
    (Sometimes that's hard for first-time moms to hear but it's a good thing!)
  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 11-07-12 | 12:15 PM
  • Thank you.
    What should i say to the rude comments about it?

    it's NATURAL!?
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 11-07-12 | 11:17 PM
  • Honestly if she's only doing it when she's tired and she only 8 months old it's not a big deal. Like Deanna said it is good for her to learn to self sooth. as for those who make rude comments a dirty look is usually the best response. Your kid, your decision.
  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 11-07-12 | 11:57 PM
  • ok, thanks so much.
    I hate when people tell me not to let her, i don't know how to stop an 8 month old from it, i figured it was ok now and break it from her later.
    So thanks both, because i'm truly relieved to know. I'm glad it's just some people opinions, not really a "rule"
    It hasn't bothered me any that she does it.