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  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 03-31-07 | 09:59 PM
  • Aislinn said "baby" as clear as a bell tonight! She absolutely loves all babies - pictures in books, her reflection, dolls, the neighbor baby - and she kisses them all (yes, her reflection too). Tonight she was holding a baptismal prayer card that has a tiny picture of a baby on it. I asked her "Where's the baby?" and she looked at the card, kissed it and said slowly "ba-by". DH and I couldn't believe our ears. We're having so much fun. Other than "mama" and "dada" and all her other babbling sounds, that's her first real word.
  • Brooke208 Brooke208's Avatar 03-31-07 | 10:02 PM
  • Gavyn's been saying baby too! Isn't it just SO precious! I actually forgot to post about it.

    I bet you were both so proud Aislinn is so adorable!
  • Erinn Erinn's Avatar 04-01-07 | 08:22 PM
  • That is so sweet They are growing up just to fast for my liking
  • teardrop teardrop's Avatar 04-01-07 | 08:28 PM
  • Very sweet....while your babies are sweet and say baby little man decided to say KA KA....and at first i though ...NO WAY...he isn;t saying that!! Sure enough he was going for the dog dish and i say ..."No Cody ...kaka"....and he stoped looked at me and said...."ka ka" LOL
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 04-01-07 | 09:13 PM
  • so cute, i still am waiting for mama