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Default bad mommy moment

ok so last night i think i completely had a nervous breakdown. Ava has been horrible at night, refuses to go to sleep at night, and has been up till 10 pr 11 at night. i have not changed anything at all in her routine, she is simply ina horrible night time stage. she creis so hard in her crib she wakes Gavin up, and then pukes if she cries too much. i have been dealing it with the best i can, trying ot be consistent, but last night i lost my marbles. i am completely in a guilty stage today, i yelled at her like she was a grown women i was in a fight with. it was just ridiculous, 2 hours of playing this horrible game back and forth, which resulted in mommy losing it. i finally at 1115 calle dmike at work bawling crying with ava on my lap crying too. i just can;t tkae th elack of sleep, and this new found refusal to go to bed. I have yo be up early for work, Gavin still wakes at night to be binkied, amd i have not had one second to myself the last 2 weeks to get house stuff done, which i do at night when the kids are in bed.

Since i ahd children i have never had a moment where i just screamed and ended up crying feeling like i could not handle it, and i was a complete failure as a mom. However it all happened last night for sure. MIke came home and tried to help, but then it escalated into me feeling horrible for how i yelled at her and how i let mself get so upset.

Is this normal, and am i horrible trying to juggle my work, being a mom, and trying ot have a clean house. since i woke up today i have just felt horrible about the night,a nd apologized over and over again to ava, which of course she woke up with no recollection of the night.

someone please help me
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I can totally relate to you. You are not a bad mommy, just a very stressed, tired mommy. I am finding this age very difficult too -- not going to sleep easy, defiance, "arguing" with just about anything I ask. Is there anyone that could take them for a couple of hours on Saturday and you just sleep (cleaning the house can always wait). It's very hard being a working mommy. There are days I just want to sit and cry (ie feel sorry for myself).
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You are not alone Diane, I have come to that myself a couple of times and feel horrible about it, but don't beat yourself up about it. It is VERY stressful trying to balance everything. Some days I am better then others but some days I just can't take it, it is good that Mike came home to help, I know that always helps me when I have had enough. Please don't let it get you down, you are not a bad Mommy by any means. I know I used to cry thinking why am I upset or yelling or crying, I wanted her soooo much and had to go thru soooo much to get her....but then I realize I am completely normal to feel stressed like that at times. Take care and Erinn made some good suggestions, Mommies need breaks too.....take one girl!
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I've had moments I'm not proud of, myself; you're not a bad mommy. Definitely find a way to take a little break even once a week, ask for help from the people around you, and maybe be gentler with yourself. What can you delegate to DH? A less-stressed mommy makes for a less-stressed family.
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and Diane remember it is OK to let the house work go down the drain a little. You do not need to be super mom take some time for yourself to relax and regen yourself. You are by no means a bad mommy. I had many times like that when Amanda was a little girl she was so difficult when she was little she would throw tantrums throw herself on the floor and kick and scream. There were many times i had to call DH home from work to help me. One time when she was about 10 years old i had to call him and since he had to close the shop that night he came home got her brought her back to his work and made her stand in a corner in the showroom near the desk for 2 hours when people would ask what she was doing he was like oh she is in trouble. Delegate what you can to your hubby and take a little time for yourself even if its just soaking in a nice hot bathtub.
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