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Boy Potty Training

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-24-12 | 02:50 PM
  • Alex is potty trained. He doesn't really have accidents, he's great about knowing when he has to go. BUT--we trained sitting on the toilet backwards and that's how he prefers to go. This means that we have to go in with him and put him on the toilet.

    This doesn't really bother me except that he's enrolled for preschool in the fall and I don't know how this will affect him then. The day is only 2.5 hours so it's unlikely that he'll really have to go most days but I don't want the day to come that he WILL have to go and then go into the bathroom and not be able to do it himself. The thought of him standing there helpless makes me sick.

    Has anyone potty trained their son(s) successfully from sitting to standing and do you have any tips/tricks for me? TIA!
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 07-24-12 | 06:56 PM
  • Simple, just give him a stool and tell him to hold it and aim. He will probably like it, most little boys I have known think it is fun. That is why little girls have penis envy, because they can't wrte their name in the toilet water. I have heard that a goof way to teach aim is to throw a cheerio in the bowl and tell him to hit it. Don't forget to make sure he knows how imperative it is to put the seat down.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-24-12 | 07:30 PM
  • Thanks, Amanda. I've tried both of those so far. Because of his gross motor developmental delay, he's afraid to stand on stools and stuff because he feels like he's going to fall. He is becoming a little more confident but it is taking a long time. I tried the Cheerios last week and he thought it was funny---but made no connection to peeing on them.

    It doesn't help that because DH and I are on the taller side, we have installed taller toilets in the house. So he has to stand on even taller stools. We've tried holding him up but he's still terrified.
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 08-01-12 | 02:31 PM
  • One thing I noticed when touring Joseph's preschool is that the toilets are much shorter(little kid height).
    We never tried the Cheerio trick we just let him watch daddy a few times and he got it. His aim is better in the big potty though then the training potty.
  • 3Princes 08-01-12 | 02:55 PM
  • I did. Josh was afraid to stand for the longest time. I would just alert the staff members and they can show him how to go. Once he sees his friends getting on and off the potty or standing he will be fine. Can you teach him to climb onto the stool toget in his preferred position?

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