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imagine 07-16-08 11:45 PM

Im taking Lincoln to a gymberoee class tomorro! If you go to the website you can sign up for a free preview class at a location near you and there are two not to far from me so I got a free class tomorrow and then one at the other location for Saturday to see whic hone I like better. If it goes well and he likes it Im going to buy him a membership for his birthday!

there is also a place called kindermusik that Im going to sign up for a free class to see what it's all about! Im ready to get him into some playgroups with kids his age!

jo_will 07-17-08 10:09 AM

Hi Andrea,

I agree, I also think Alexa is ready to join a playgroup. I am signing her up at the little gym but I am not sure as to when as for the next month I will be between Ottawa and Montreal and afterwards we are going on vacation for two weeks. We will probably start in September. We don't have a gymboree in Quebec (grrrrr) but I think the little gym is very similar. I am curious as to what happens in these classes, let me know what you think ...

imagine 07-17-08 05:06 PM

the class was fun and Lincoln just loved the fact that there were balls all over the place! he could care less about all the singing and dancing the group was doing becasue he kept finding more balls every where he turned! I thought he would be scared and cling to me the whole time but he was crawling everywhere and even playing with the other kids. And everything was padded so I felt safe letting him explore on his own. Afterwards we went to the park with one of the mothers who has a son his age. they both seemed to play by them selfs for the most part but they did play together a little, and we are going to get them together more often now since we dont live to far away from each other.

jo_will 07-23-08 11:03 AM

That sounds great Andrea!! I am going back and forth on the little gym classes. I think until 2 they parallel play only so that is to be expected. I think Alexa would also have gone crazy over the balls. How nice to have a mommy friend who lives nearby ....

Twinkies_Mom 07-30-08 08:06 PM

our gymboree closed...i am so upset. i never did get to take her. gladl linc liked it!