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DanieH 09-07-10 01:56 PM

Preschool orientation
Nicole had her orientation this afternoon. OMG, shes too funny. She wanted to bring her backpack. She liked her teacher, who btw, looks like is right out of All the student sat on the carpet and decorated their folders. She seems to really enjoy being there and was dissappointed when it was time to leave. We met her bus driver and took a quick ride. Im bummed neither one of the girls got the bus drivers from last year. :\ Oh well....tomorrow is the 1st day!

imagine 09-08-10 12:45 AM

sounds like she is really going to love school!

DanieH 09-08-10 09:27 AM

Oh yea and shes driving me crazy this morning. I tell her that her bus is picking her up after lunch so she wants to eat luch at 9 in the morning. Im glad she didnt cause a fit when Kaitlyn got on her bus this morning...prob since I kept drilling it in her head that this is only for Kaitlyn and she has her own bus picking her up later.

teddybear1082 09-09-10 06:51 AM

Glad she is so excited for school. Erin had orientation yesterday and almost had a fit when she had to leave.