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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 10-19-11 | 04:15 PM
  • Nicole, it took a LONG time before Leanna would get out of the shower/tub by herself. She'd holler for me for 20 min saying she was ready to get out. I just kept saying I'm not coming and that she can get out by herself and now she will.

    Only in the past few months has Leanna been starting the shower by herself too.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 10-19-11 | 05:29 PM
  • Marek is 5, and Lukas is 3-1/2. Marek is independent with some things. He likes to wash his own body and hair in the tub, but needs some help rinsing shampoo out and turning the water on to the right temperature. Once he's dried off, he can get dressed by himself (and in the morning too). He liked to pick his own outfits, and they can be somewhat interesting at times (heavy brown sweats with a blue sleeveless tank, anyone?). He helps himself to snacks and such too, but can't be trusted to pour juice or milk. And we have to ride him pretty hard to do things, but he can do them on his own.

    Lukas is still quite dependent, probably more than he would be if he were not on the autism spectrum. He's still learning how to put clothes on by himself, but undresses quite well (a little too well at times). He tries to wash himself in the shower, but isn't very good at it. I'm very excited that he's getting quite good at using the potty to pee. He still hasn't figured out what to do with poop, though, so we have a long way to go.
  • 3Princes 10-19-11 | 09:20 PM
  • OK, let's see. With having 3 kids and a husband on the afternoon shift, I try to have the kids help me with what they can do. Josh is 6 and Matthew is 4.

    They both dress themselves, with the exception that I put on Matthew's socks. I also sometimes need to help him with one arm of his shirt when undressing.

    We help brush teeth. Josh showers completely on his own, with us just coming in to check his hair and sometimes a reminder about washing. Matthew is learning but needs someone there to wash his hair. Josh dries and dresses himself, and Matthew still needs help with drying.
    Rudi, it's funny you mentioned about choosing outfits. I'm pretty particular about them having cut jammies, and Matthew got this "great idea" that he would mix up the shirts and pants. I thought this was a great way to let him express himself so now he does it AND Josh has completely jumped on board with it.
    Josh is expected to pack his bookbag. I pack the lunches, but in the mornings it's Josh's job to get the 2 lunches and put them in the bookbags, then to fill his water bottle.
    Matthew usually helps serve the meals-- gets silverware for everyone, and puts the plates and cups on the table. They are each responsible for clearing their dishes. When I'm on my game, they take turns wiping the table and sweeping underneath.
    They are responsible for putting their dirty clothes in the clothes basket.
    They are also responsible for cleaning up their toys, but we have to help a lot.

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