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What do you think about same-sex couples who want to have children?

What do you think about same-sex couples who want to have children?

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  • NoraOne 02-21-19 | 07:18 AM
  • I think every couple deserves to be happy! Even if it is a same-sex couple.
    Also, such couples deserve parenting! This trend of the modern world should be supported by the public. I am very pleased that technology allows same-sex couples to have children. This is a real miracle that the guys can love each other and at the same time create a full-fledged family!
    My familiar girls also went through this. And the most interesting is that they went to another country, where they used a surrogate transplant of a frozen embryo. Here you can read in detail about this procedure:
    This is our future, regardless of how we treat it.
    I even heard that the BBC will shoot a film about two men who raise a child from a surrogate mother.
    And what do you think about same-sex couples who want to have children?
  • el123 02-23-19 | 05:01 AM
  • We must treat everyone with respect. We should not blame other people for a different religion, nationality, color or choice of partner. It is tolerance and respect that make us real people. Indeed, often same-sex couples do not impose their way of life, their choice and their opinion on us. They have the right to live as they want. I am very glad that the world has become freer today. However, everything will depend on the country and the culture in which the same-sex couple lives. Indeed, the imprint of cultural trends often has a great influence on the opinion of people regarding this situation. If we are talking about a child who is born to such a couple, then this situation is even more ambiguous. First of all, it is necessary to proceed from the interests of the future baby. Some people claim that a child who is born in such a family will initially feel different from other children. Because of this, he may develop complexes in communication with peers. However, this will happen when the family initially has a "toxic" relationship. If harmony and love reign in the family, then the child will not have such complexes. A same-sex family must carefully consider this issue. Will they be able to devote time to the baby? Indeed, many of the couples are creative people with a different world view.

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