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Terrible 3's?? Print Version

**Jennifer** 10-03-04 07:23 PM

Terrible 3's??
Anyone with older children remember the 3's being terrible instead of the 2's? My 3 yr old (will be 4 in October) is driving me bonkers. He has been so hyper and disobedient lately. We keep asking him if he likes to get into trouble. It has escalated since Jake was born but really started about the time he turned 3. He isn't out of control or anything just pushing the envelope. :irked:

pixiewings76 10-03-04 08:58 PM

Could it have started when you got pg? He might have just sensed the change in his environment and its escalated since you had Jake. I think my oldest was bad at 3 too, he is 6 now. It could be a comanation of things. I think at 3, they really start wanting to become independant. Hopefully things get easier for you.

mama2skyetj 10-03-04 09:16 PM

I always heard that everyone talks about terrible 2s but 3s are just as bad i forget but theres a word for those 3s. I hope things calm down for you guys soon.

**Jennifer** 10-04-04 01:31 PM

It did start about the time I got pregnant so maybe you have something there!!

Mrschawk 10-05-04 08:33 AM

Yes, I do remember three being worse than two. My son who will 6 at the end of the month is alot more sensitive and short tempered since I've had the baby. I sure hope it starts to go away soon because it makes me so sad. I hope your little guy adjusts soon too!