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any tips on tying shoes?

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  • ~Bobbi~ ~Bobbi~'s Avatar 09-02-04 | 09:31 PM
  • I havent been working on it with Molly much lately and I was wondering how you all taught your kids. Any special trick?
  • Natascha Natascha's Avatar 09-03-04 | 11:48 AM
  • Have you every seen that SpongeBob episode where he forgets how to tie his shoes and he's asking around if anyone can show him how and finally he gets someone to show him how and they sing this silly little song?

    I REALLY think that's how Liam learned. I didn't really work with him much, but one day (back when he first learned to tie his shoes) he was tieing his shoes and singing that silly song.
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 09-03-04 | 02:44 PM
  • Ashlee still has to re tie hers all day long! It drives me crazy because she loops it backwards and that causes it to stay loose. I have tried over and over to reteach her, but she is so darn stubborn!

    I taught Ant in 1 day. I gave him a shoe and I took a shoe and we held them facing the direction they would be on his feet and then showed him how to do it step by step. He picked it up quickly.

    I think it is harder if you are teaching them with the shoes on because they are backwards to you. I think that may be how Ash learned at first and that is why she does it wrong. Oh well...eventually she will get it. Patience is all I keep repeating in my head
  • montanachic montanachic's Avatar 09-06-04 | 03:40 PM
  • I need to teach Parker too , he just gets frustrated so easily
    I can tell it will be alot of work.
  • Vmomof2 Vmomof2's Avatar 09-09-04 | 01:02 PM
  • Actually dh taught both kids so that was easy on me. LOL But seriously I think the whole bunny ears tying is the easiest to go at first.

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