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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 12-13-10 | 05:11 PM
  • I am so excited to tell you girls! Presley-Kate at 15.5 months started walking last night! It was so funny. We were all in the living room watching a movie and she was in the floor playing and DH said "Look" and I looked and PK just stood up and started walking. I was such a proud Mama. DH had the video camera pretty close and grabbed it and took a short video of her walking. I cant believe after all this time it looked so effortless for her. I will try to post the video here if I can figure out how. Just had to share!
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 12-13-10 | 06:00 PM


    That's awesome! I can't wait to see the footage if you get it up.
Thank you lauralkemp!
Keepers (12-13-10)
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 12-13-10 | 07:32 PM
  • WTG presley-Kate!
Thank you LAB!
Keepers (12-13-10)
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 12-13-10 | 08:09 PM
  • That's awesome!
Thank you amitrat!
Keepers (12-13-10)
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 12-13-10 | 08:37 PM
  • Here is the video!
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