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Confused, worried, stressed (LONG)

Confused, worried, stressed (LONG)

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-10-10 | 05:59 PM
  • The last 10 days have been the craziest I can remember in a long time.

    Last Monday, Andy and I were asked by a local family to produce a memorial tribute video for their daughter who passed away on Sunday evening. She was only 6 and died after fighting cancer FOUR times.
    So I met with the girl's aunt at 11pm on Monday to pick up pictures and articles to include. Andy took off the second half of Tuesday to get started on it because it had to be done by Wednesday afternoon in time for the viewing that evening.

    At 6:30 on Tuesday evening, I called to check on my father who had been ill for a few days. I found out that he couldn't speak without slurring, couldn't lift his arms, and was falling down all day!
    So I told my grandmother to call an ambulance because he lives 40 minutes away from me. I picked up my aunt and we met the ambulance at the hospital. The thought was that he was having a stroke and started the work up. After several CTs and x-rays, they determined that he had a very dense pnuemonia and a severe UTI--so severe, in fact, that he was in the early stages of renal failure. He spent two days in the ICU and because I'm his medical contact person, I had to be there in the mornings for rounds to get info from the docs. I spent A LOT of time at the hospital and while I'm not upset by the amount of time I was there, I missed my family.

    Andy had to take all of Wednesday off to finish the video and we rushed to get the video to the funeral home and then attend the viewing (which was AWFUL
    ), then he dropped me off at the hospital. There was an awful storm that night and it knocked the power out to the house so it got pretty hot in here with no A/C on.

    My dad is recovering quickly and when he was released from the hospital on Saturday night, he came to live with us while he recouperates and regains strength. We like having him here but you know how it is when someone new is at your house...

    Last week, I also took Alex to his 18-month well check and the doc thinks that I should ask the developmental pediatrician about muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy when we see her on Thursday.
    She is recommending a muscle biopsy and an enzyme panel to investigate MD. This breaks my heart and worries the $h!t out of me!!! Forms of MD diagnosed this early do not have good outcomes.
    This is my biggest area of worry right now. I just want my boy to be healthy and full.

    We're getting on board with some county and state services for Alex so we've been having lots of meetings for that. Lots of stuff to coordinate, letters to write on his behalf, phone calls to make, and appointment information to gather.

    To top all of that off, Alex has been running a fever for more than a week now. The ped ran a bunch of tests but couldn't find anything obvious. So I'm taking him again tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to figure something out.


    Charlotte is scheduled for a tympanoplasty in September to repair a large hole in her ear drum. Sarah is being referred to GI because she's STILL not feeling right since her bout with MRSA pneumonia last fall and she's been having more and more bloody stools. Ugh.

    And if all THAT isn't enough, I'm having a D&C on the 25th to biopsy my endometrium...the doc suspects endometrial/uterine cancer. Fantastic.

    Thanks for reading--it's been cathartic for me to type all of this out.

    I want to
    Anyone wanna come with???
  • lynn012 lynn012's Avatar 08-10-10 | 06:15 PM





    Wow Deanna! Oh My!

    I will keep you all in my prayers!
Thank you lynn012!
Dopey406 (08-10-10)
  • 3Princes 08-10-10 | 08:30 PM
  • I was just gonna post to you for an update on Alex. I wish you had better news.


    How is Alex doing with the braces-- did he get a walker? I thought you talked about it. Please let us know what the developmental ped says. I am thinking of you and your family.
Thank you 3Princes!
Dopey406 (08-10-10)
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 08-10-10 | 09:06 PM
  • Oh Deanna!
    That is way too much for one person to bear! I am sending some prayers up for your family and hope you get some much deserved GOOD news soon! Thinking of you!
Thank you MrsPook!
Dopey406 (08-10-10)
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 08-10-10 | 09:26 PM
  • Oh Deanna
    that is so much at once....

    once day at a time, and know that I'm thinking about you....
Thank you ~Kelli~!
Dopey406 (08-10-10)

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