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Family fun night

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  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 02-20-11 | 12:03 AM
  • We went to our church's family night tonight. It's a monthly activity night. So anyway Joseph was the youngest there tonight and all the big boys were playing with nerf guns. Joseph tried so hard to keep up with them and while they were inside they were very considerate of him. But the hard part for me is when they go outside to play I don't feel particularly comfortable with him being out their with an adult or other responsible party. The boys get so involved in their play that they won't really keep an eye on him. Last month DH went out with him to the playground but this time the big boys just jumped the fence of the playground. Plus today was cool and windy and DH doesn't tolerate wind very well, so I took Joseph out for a little while but we came back in pretty soon.

    I a m moslty just rambling but did wonder if anyone has any situations where your little one is around kids 2 -6 years older then him that he wants to keep up with? Any ideas for keeping him occupied if it isn't feasible to let him be with them?

    On a side note he was having such fun gathering the nerf bullets for the big boys and they even let him play with the guns.