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Julien's Birthstory (long)

Julien's Birthstory (long)

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  • ~babywanted~ ~babywanted~'s Avatar 03-26-08 | 02:10 PM
  • Julienís Birth Story

    Well, at my last NST my fluid was 5.5 and I had my 40 week appt. right after and she wanted to be safe so asked me to go in to be induced. She thought I was in early labor and would go on my own within 24-48 hours anyways. I was 3.5 cm and 70% effaced and she stripped my membranes. I was so emotional and sad. Was able to go home and get things in order and eat (yeah!). We bought flowers, brought in our own music, pictures of Alex and some things to remind us of him.

    We got to the hospital and checked in about 2:30. I asked for a mid-wife and got this British woman, Carol who scared the crap out of me at first. I had a picture of midwives being all warm and fuzzy. Not her style. I requested a wait and see approach, maybe break my water. She wasnít crazy about my idea as ďthat isnít being induced.Ē She gave me her speech and told me to think about it. I was have Cx about every 7-10 minutes, not super strong, but consistent. When she came back about an hour later she checked me and I hadnít progressed any so I agreed to a low dose of pitocin. She put the orders in and I continued to walk and use the ball. My doula came and we just tried some various things. The Cx were getting stronger and closer. I guess they got busy bc the pitocin was here, but the orders hadnít gone through. The midwife came back and said, well, why donít we try breaking your water to get you started.
    She checked me and I was now 4cm and 80%. While waiting for the hook, with her hand up me, my water broke
    She was very impressed. So, labor really took on an urgency and Cx got closer (every 2-4 minutes) and definitely stronger. My mom and friend arrived. My mom was the photographer and my friend the videographer
    There were times I didnít think I could do any more, so the epidureal thoughts came. There were 2 people already in line waiting and Iíd be added to the list and would have to wait about an hour. Waiting scared me so I decided to get in line and could always delay if needed. Thank goodness I got on the list. I so wanted to get to 6cm (as that is what I got to with Ale
    and asked to be checked but they wouldnít as Iíd just been checked about 1 hour prior. Cx were so intense and painful and I was tired. We had a great rhythm going, with DH and my doula rubbing my back and shoulders and me either rocking on the ball or in DHís arms. I was grateful they allowed me to be off the bed. The anesthesiologist came just in time as I didnít think I could do anymore and I wanted to have some energy to push. I had 4-5 strong Cx while he was doing the epi and then the epi only took on my left side and about 50% on my right. I liked that I could still feel something but then the pain was getting more intense. Shey called for him to come back but he was taking his time (or so it seemed). They checked me and I was now almost 7cm. I labored about another hour and started feeling an urge to push. Meanwhile the pain was severe again. I begged them to give me something to take the edge off. I was now 10cm in less than an hour!!! The nurse thought it would be ďjust a few pushes.Ē My mom was on the phone with family getting guesses on time of delivery, wt and ht. It was now about 10:45pm. Well, a few pushes turned into 1 Ĺ hours. In the first 10-15 minutes I was saying I couldnít do it, whining and pleading for it to be all over. Then, they gave me laticain (sp?) and I got a breather from the pain. I could see his hair but it felt like it was taking forever! The new midwife came in at some point and she really was pretty intense too, kept telling me to push harder, push again and gave me a funky position to hold me feet
    But it worked and she just guided Julien out so smoothly at 12:19am on 3/25/08. And I didnít tear!!!! I was over the moon about that. She said I had something that I canít remember the name of (it burns when I pee) but no stitches, nothing.
    They laid Julien on me and oh what a head of hair. He turned pink so quickly. His apgarís were 9 & 9. He was vocal but would be soothed by my touch and voice. He wasnít interested in sucking immediately. They took him after about 20 minutes and cleaned him up. When he came back he BF well and was so alert. He was so perfect!! We were so astonished by his weight.
    DOB: 3/25/08 at 12:19am
    Wt: 8 pounds, 4 ounces
    Ht: 21Ē
    Dark brown hair Ė lots
    Blue eyes

    We are SO relieved, happy and glad we are all safe and sound.
  • holly302 03-26-08 | 02:46 PM
  • wonderful and beautiful!
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 03-26-08 | 02:55 PM
  • wow, what a story! So glad he's here and mom and baby are safe and sound.

  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 03-26-08 | 10:29 PM
  • Great story
    Congrats again!

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