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My Dream Job...

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  • Grateful Dad Grateful Dad's Avatar 01-07-11 | 01:01 PM
  • Well, a Dream Job would be a movie star or something of that nature.... but dealing in reality and what is something that is fairly possible that I'd love to do...

    I would love to run and operate a Day Care. I love kids so much and have loads of fun around them. My current financial situation makes such a move VERY difficult... and there is one other big issue.

    There is a lot of issues for men who try to get into this field. Women have come a LONG way in the work force in overcoming the prejudice society held in regards to a working mother... but society still holds this kind of prejudice regarding men in this field.

    My wife worked at a Day Care for years and there was a young man working there, but he was not allowed to be alone with the kids, nor was he allowed to change ANY child of ANY age.
    I've done research on male ran Day Cares (as in the man is sitting) and have read that many folks simply will not allow their kid to be watched by a man. Many of these Day Cares state that when interested parents call in, they often hang up on them upon learning that it is a man watching the children.

    It is sad. One article I read by a woman was stating that she had gone through the training courses with a large class of people. There was ONE guy in there. She stated that this guy was phenominal with the kids, yet he was judged by the industry and the parents in such a way that prevented him from having the same opportunities as the women. It's a shame.

    I would love to be able to raise my daughter (and future children) while taking care of other children as well. Owning a large Day Care would be even better. The issues of prejudice and limited income are the biggest issues.

    What do you all think about men in this line of work?
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 01-07-11 | 01:32 PM
  • You are right that it is a difficult field for men. Most parents find a man taking care of small children suspect and well...creepy. Since i wouldn't send my son to a daycare with out checking how they do background checks and such I doubt I'd have a big problem with it. I know that the director has made sure every precaution has been taken to ensure my child's safety and well-being.
    That said I don't think I'd ever hire a manny for one on one care. At a daycare it's different. There are other children and adults. In a one on one setting it's the adult's word over the child's if there was ever a question of inappropriateness. Of course a parent will believe their child, even if the child is being untuthful do to say the caregiver making him take a bath, do homework, stop playing video games..etc..

    Look at it this didn't used to be nurses there is a growing population of male nurses. It may take time but male daycare worker/owners can make a breakthrough and reverse stereo types.
  • Grateful Dad Grateful Dad's Avatar 01-07-11 | 02:17 PM
  • It's not as if I don't understand it either. I myself would be apprehensive about a man watching my daughter, so I am guilty of what I recognize as unfair sterotyping.

    Plus, it is true that men are unfairly labeled "creepy" if they like kids too much. I love kids and I will be like women are when a coworker brings a baby or toddler in to work. I will be shuffling up there in line with the women to see.

    My wife told me awhile back that my enthusiasm for children will cause a lot of people to think things like how creepy it is. I was shocked that I would be judged so harshly just because I am a man. But then she brought up a point about her uncle Steve who I've joked around about calling him a child molester for the same thing. While I was not serious, I do find him a bit creepy for his interest in children. Although I do not know if that is the same thing as me... because he is in his 50's and has never married. He lives alone and is very quiet, but he loves kids. I think the combination of this caused me to think he is creepy, because her cousin is married and loves kids too and I don't think that about him.
  • raabta01 raabta01's Avatar 01-07-11 | 02:51 PM
  • This is an interesting topic/stigma that I know all to well.

    My freshman year in college I voluntered at a Daycare tutoring kids. The following year I was asked to join the staff. My junior and senior years I had my own room and ran a class (age group). I worked with Kindergarten, SA1 (school aged 1: 1st-3rd graders) and SA2 (3rd-6th graders). When I was hired I was told they really wanted a male on staff and a lot of the kids and parents really liked me already. That made it more a surprise when some of these issues arose.

    I was called in one afternoon by the director and told (not reprimanded) that I was not allowed to have any kids older than the kindergarten level hug me or sit on my lap. I read a lot of books and it wasn't uncommon to a kid or two sit on my lap while I read. It just kind of shocked me because it was not uncommon at all for the female staff to do the same. As far as I know there was never any instance of any parent having any issues with me or anything I did, it was all the director trying to be careful. I was allowed to be alone with children, I never was in a class where you had to change children so that never came up, but I did escort kids inside to use the restroom during outside play, but with either gender I always waited outside.

    I guess I'm also a little hypocritical like G.D. as I'd probably think twice about hiring a male babysitter when maybe I wouldn't at all if they were female.

    Either way good luck if you ever want to start a day care. My time working at one is still remembered as one of my most fun and fullfilling jobs I've every had. Heck I still keep in touch with some of my kids via facebook!
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 01-07-11 | 05:53 PM
  • When my older son was a baby, I worked full time, and Marek went to a local day care center. One of the people who worked in the infant room was a man who had a child in one of the older age rooms. Nobody had a problem with him, and my son definitely liked him better than a lot of the female teachers.

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