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My kids update!

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  • janney janney's Avatar 09-01-04 | 09:49 AM
  • We are in week four and finally Emma is a true Manning Oaks Tiger. She is enjoying school, not complaining and has a new best friend, Abbie! She's a tiny little spitfire and the two of them are glued together. We had a fund raiser at Chick fil A last night and they hugged and hugged when they saw each other! Whew!

    Emma also has a not so little girl named Rachel in her Kindy class who showed up at her Sunday school class this past Sunday! She's not great friends with her but I think it's really neat. Rarely do we have another Jewish child in our elementary school classes.

    My only complaint with Emma's teacher is that she is a bit too laid back. I guess you can't have it all. Most kindy teachers have the parents in the rooms working by now but she's not ready for us yet. I also question what Emma is really learning right now compared to other Kindy rooms,but I am waiting patiently for our conference in Oct to see if I think she will make the grade (my grade that is!)

    Alex's first Student Council meeting is after school, I can't wait to hear all about it. He's belting out Spanish words daily and apparently he's doing very well in Chorus (I am sure you are all shocked!).

  • BethandBrandon BethandBrandon's Avatar 09-01-04 | 09:59 AM
  • Yay! sounds like everyone is getting into the groove. Good to hear! Oh yes I'm totally shocked that Alex is doing so well in Chorus!
  • DanJoshMom DanJoshMom's Avatar 09-01-04 | 10:32 AM
  • Daniel seems to be loving school. He's been writing up a storm and comes home with papers every night. He seems to be making more friends after school during Latchkey than during school. He talks a little about his friends in his class, I guess it will just take some time.

    He got out of the car yesterday and said, "Do you know how to spell 2?". I asked him how and he spelled it for me. They certainly haven't taken the time to get intot a groove. They seem to have hit the ground running!

    Yesterday the bus went better. Today we'll see. MIL was with him this morning since Dh had to go to work early, so I hope he didn't give her a hard time.
  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 09-01-04 | 03:24 PM
  • I'm glad both of you are having good kindergarten experiences! Watching Kaylie in her first few days of 1st grade, I think the most important thing you need coming from kindy is for your child to like school. So, Janney, if Emma is having fun don't stress too much about the learning. She'll learn better if she loves school.

    Kaylie is so happy to be back at school! She raves about how good her days are.


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