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This is ridiculous!

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  • holly302 02-11-09 | 03:03 PM

    oh you poor thing! Michael didnt sleep through the night until his first birthday. I still have no idea why, because he got more than adequate calories during the day.

    I have no advice but i hope your doctor does
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 02-11-09 | 05:00 PM
  • I'm hoping the water will do the trick eventually. Does anyone else have a baby who drinks constantly? I'm starting to get worried about Lu she seems to be constantly looking for a drink and she isn't fussy about what could be milk (in a cup), water or juice but she drinks alot during the day.
  • holly302 02-11-09 | 07:30 PM
  • Lola just had her one yr exam (
    3 wks after turning 1) and I was told she shouldnt have more than 3-4 8 ounce cups of milk or diluted juice a day. I had asked because it seems as if that is all Lola wants...milk. I was told to give her an extra snack during the day because she is 34 1/4 inches long and only 22.5lbs.
    I guess she isnt thick enough...

    to you and Rudi...I hope those babies sleep throughout the night soon!!
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 02-11-09 | 07:52 PM
  • Rudi, do you give him the bottle to get him back to sleep, or is he really hungry?

    Gavin goes threw stages of waking, and honestly i have learned to let him cry. Dr. Brazelton writes a good book about TouchPoints, and its been on cue for Gavin and AVa. when a child starts hitting a milestone, walking, crawling, etc, they start to wake up at night wanting to practice this new thing. I notice it every time Gavin starts something new, an dhave just let him cry it out, and it works. not sure if Lukas could still really be hiungry, but maybe let him cry?
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 02-11-09 | 11:00 PM
  • We have done the CIO thing, and he goes to sleep in moments if he's not hungry. If he's hungry, he will cry forever. And we have focused on filling him up during the day, but sometimes he'll eat 24-28 ounces during the day and such down another 8-12 overnight! I talked to the ped about it, and he said to feed him if he's hungry, and that he'd outgrow it "eventually." Let's hope eventually happens before he goes to college....