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School Closed do to illness....

School Closed do to illness....

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  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 02-18-09 | 02:37 PM

    finally. as bad as that sounds, my kids have gotten some tummy bug twice in the past month and a half. Starting with my 2nd grader DS then 3 or 4 days later the other 2 get it, they don't have a fever and no warning they just
    and at most it has been 4 times and the next morning they are begging to eat something,
    to which I start with them having gramh crackers and work our way to more from there. A nurse friend of ours says it sounds bacterial and DS is bringing it home and it is taking a few days to incubate and then the girls get sick.
    So I am hoping they sanitize the entire school building Preschool - 12th grades and this is the end of this bug.

    on the other hand we have a 4 day weekend now and some fresh snow on the ground so maybe we will getting some sledding in.
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 02-18-09 | 03:50 PM
  • Hope tehy feel better whiel tehy have their day off. It's sad that it has come to that.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 02-18-09 | 05:09 PM
  • I hope they're better and the school gets sanitized properly.

    Our school has had one heck of a time with the rotovirus (or something similar) this year.
    it started right off the bat in Sept and October...
    It sort of calmed down for a while and then we had oodles of snow and shut down for the holidays so I was hoping that all the 'non-contact' that people were doing for 3 weeks of snow (it was really bad snow that makes you not go anywhere) that the virus' that had been running amuck had lost their sting during that time.


    the past month has been awful. Probably a new stomach but but now also a 'cold' that is a bad stuffy nose, sore throat and fever.

    The school is constantly sending in the cleaners to bleach down the classrooms and the nurse has sent home letters warning to keep the kids home.
    But the healthroom has been FULL of sick kids the past month.

    I'm getting over that 'cold' that I think one of my Girl Scouts gave me...

    The illnesses have been so bad we've made the local news.

    never the way you want to make the news...
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 02-18-09 | 08:14 PM
  • the 4the grade class was down to 9 kids from 25 today, and the senior class had 3 kid, there are normally around 25 of them also.
    I am just glad the school is finally trying to do something about it.
  • AmyW AmyW's Avatar 03-06-09 | 11:59 AM
  • Wow! That is bad! I hope they disinfect those schools extremely well.

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