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So sorry I haven't been around....

So sorry I haven't been around....

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  • BexSong BexSong's Avatar 09-22-04 | 12:44 PM
  • Things have been good and bad. Alot of ups and downs over the last few weeks. First of my my Grandma passed away 2 weeks ago, she was 91. We are a very close family so this was very hard. There was also some legal stuff going on with one of my Aunts and I, unfortunately, was involved in a yelling match with her "boyfriend". LONG STORY. Anyways, its all over now and Grandma is in a much better place away from the chaos.

    My job search is over. I am going back to Disney on a part-time basis. I'll be working a 29 hour week again but will receive my formal offer today to find out the details. I will be working for two Directors (really nice guys) in Disney Consumer Products. I have mixed feelings about this because I can't stand the thought of having to leave Maya with someone for that many hours a week and am starting to work on weaning her off during the day right now. Also, I will need to find someone to pick up Tehya from school and watch her for a few hours. I really wish I could pick her up but I just don't see how with the schedules that Disney offers.

    My home biz is doing well I just haven't had that much time to make new bows. I'm starting to do some hand-painting on jeans and jean dresses and making really cute scarfs on headbands when I can.

    DH hates his job AGAIN and is looking to get out of the printing business all together. As a result things have been stressful (including our financial problems) and I'm just hoping that he can find a career in life that he can be somewhat happy with. He does a pretty good job of not bringing his job home with him but sometimes I know he can't help it.

    Tehya is still doing very well at Kindy and other than having a little hard time waking up, all is going good. She has "homework" every night and I've joined the PTA...weeee!

    Maya has 4 teeth and is getting two more next to her top two toofies! She is standing on her own but has not yet taken those first few steps! I can wait! She is still nursing but defintely cutting back so that I can get her used to my work schedule to be. She is so cute! I'll try to post new pictures of her and Tehya.

    Well, big hugs to everyone and I hope to get on tbc more often now that Tehya is in Kindy.

  • shellyruth 09-22-04 | 01:50 PM
  • So good to hear from you bekkie.
    I am with you on the financial stress thing. It is really hard on a marriage. I hope all settles well with you and your family
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-22-04 | 02:22 PM
  • Hi Bekkie its great to hear from you. I'm sorry life has been so stressful right now and I hope everything works itself out soon.

    I guess you'll never be able to get away from Disney LOL! At least you will have a nicer boss than Witchy Woman was! Its too bad Disney doesn't have a childcare facility! They are so big they should. I've seen vans from different childcares like Children's World. Maybe you can find one that will be able to pickup Tehya for afterschool care as well as take in Maya?
  • harquak harquak's Avatar 09-22-04 | 05:41 PM
  • Hey Bex,

    Nice to get an update. Have you checked with the school to see if they offer an afterschool program right there? That is what our school does. It is wonderful - I don't have to worry about whether the kids got off the bus somewhere or if someone picked them up when they should have... It is an outside daycare that offers the service in the school's space. If not maybe you could ask the school's secretary to see if she knows a parent that does afterschool care in their home - if they have kids of their own in the school it makes it easier.

    Good luck and keep us posted with the new position at Disney.
  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 09-22-04 | 05:41 PM
  • Hi Bekkie,

    I'm sorry to hear you have to return to work now but it sounds like a reasonably good opportunity. I hope the directors prove to be good to work with and you can keep your hours down. I'll be thinking about Scott and hope he can make a positive career move soon. I know how stressful that can be.

    It sounds like your beautiful daughters are doing quite well, and I can't wait to hear more about how Tehya likes kindy!


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