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some1 stick a fork in me im done!

some1 stick a fork in me im done!

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  • Izabel+1 Izabel+1's Avatar 11-06-09 | 12:32 AM
  • lord in heaven Im so exhausted I just want to lay down and sleep for days! but reality says its just not ment to be for me, this week,last last monday i had the worst soar throat ever and a back ache that i wanted to be put out my misoury so i missed work the babies tooth was coming out and it hurt her so bad so i was dealing with screams that could make the deaf hear no joke, this week just started out worse, i found out my POS uncle beat my grandma up and broke her hip so now tommorow shes having surgery! im real close to my grandma, then during the week end i noticed the babies legs had lil blisters so i missed work this monday to find out that she got empetigo and she has to do oral antibiotics for 10days and topical antibiotics, she got it from my babysitters is what doc speculates, needless to say i was angry. i missed work spend 2hrs in the pediatrician and was dealiing with a fussy baby. then in my daughters school after letters were issued that if kids had a runny nose or any cold like or flue symptoms parents were recquired to have kids stay out of school for 48hrs. well no parents send there kids to school sick anyways so now my oldest daughter got the flue and pink eye i have to take her to the pediatricians i need a VIP pass there. I seriously wish that there were some law that made parents that send there kids to school sick and got other kids sick that financially they were recquired to pay for lost wages,gas,doctor bill, meds, maybe then theyd comprehend that its not okay to do that...... so then i called my daughters school bc i dont want to send her to school sick and the secretary said to me well u need to let us know what ur kid has so we can issue a letter to the parents so I laughed my evil r u kidding me laugh and said u know what u have 2 employees there that have the h1n1 virus and came to the school knowing they had it then they brought there kids to the school and u guys have known about this for 2weeks and no letters have been issued. then we have 5 cases of kids that have been hospitalized and still no letterm my niece was just taken to ER bc she got the h1n1. the principal of the school hasnt written any letters shes trying to sweep it under the rug. so then i told her u tell me which jerk parent send there kid to my daughters class with there child being sick and having pink eye so i know who to ask for my missed day of work my daughters docs bills and meds and gas and the 2 sleepless nites ive had then u will know what her diagnosis is! guys i have gotten no sleep seriousley since saturday and im functioning on pure fumes but if its not the baby its been my 5yr old with her fever stomach ache or headaches,runny nose running to the bathroom. its like one hr im rubbing ointment or dispensing antibiotics and the next im bathing giving juice meds taking covers off to wash it just doesnt stop please keep me in your prayers that things get better for me and that this week end is the last of it so i can get some rest bc honestly im no good to any1 at this point
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 11-06-09 | 03:40 PM
  • I promise that I really do know how you feel and totally sympathize. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I could come and watch your girls for a few hours so you could get some sleep.

  • Izabel+1 Izabel+1's Avatar 11-12-09 | 12:29 AM
  • thank u ladies

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