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Someone finally changed the locks on me!

Someone finally changed the locks on me!

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  • PollyS PollyS's Avatar 09-01-04 | 12:05 AM
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    So, who is responsible for that?? Janney?? Hmmm??? I had to get a new password. It remembered my name at least!
    And once I got logged in, it knew exactly who I was! LOL and it says I was here LAST on October 27, 2003!!
    I knew it had been a while... but

    So, here it is. And I promise to be brief! We moved in November of last year. We bought my grandpa's house and it was close to 700 sq feet bigger than what we were living in! LOL I still have boxes to empty and we have yet to hang anything on the walls that isn't on a pre-exsisting nail.
    Jackson had a Wiggles party for his 5th birthday. He graduated from preschool in May and spent the next 4 days in the hospital! He and Abigail both had rotovirus at the same time. We had us a deluxe suite up at the hospital! LOL The good news is, it made our family deductible for the year! See, only I would find the humor in that.
    He started Kindergarten on August 5th!!!
    He is doing well, needs to keep his mouth shut a little more, but that isn't anything we weren't aware of. ~Oh and I did NOT cry the first day of school! ~~

    Miss Abigail.... oh where to begin! She just turned 2 on the 20th! boo hoo hoo She has more hair than I know what to do with. She is so sassy and full of personality. She is girlie girlie and I love it! LOL She has been carrying a purse around lately and she reminds me of Estelle Geddy on Golden Girls! We are going to start a Mommy and Me tumbling class in about 2 weeks. Maybe it will be good for mommy as well! LOL

    As for me. I am still at home with the younguns. I no longer sell Avon and I kind of miss it, but then I kind of don't. LOL I can't find an Avon lady that is as dedicated as I was!! LOL I joined MOPs last year and am involved again this year. I have volunteered to make a scrapbook of this year so our coordinator can take it to convention next year. I am only 10 months behind on both kids books, so I am doing well! LOL Well that is all.
    here are a couple of pics (links). Jackson wears uniforms to school *khaki or navy shorts/pants and red or white collared shirts*


    Abby's birthday
  • MomOf4Monkeys MomOf4Monkeys's Avatar 09-01-04 | 08:10 AM
  • Well, welcome back! It's certainly been a while. But, it sounds like you're keeping yourself busy! LOL about the deductible - see, I find that funny, too! Andrew was in the hospital for 3 days (after 5 days being very sick and two trips to the ER, we were admitted on my 3rd trip to my ped.!) with rotovirus in February. Not much fun, but once he got better, he was all better in no time! I can't imagine having two of them sick like that at the same time....

    The pics are great. Jackson looks very proud to be heading off to kindy. How's he enjoying it? And as far as keeping his mouth shut, my Bradley has the same problem - still - in 2nd grade. I don't know if it'll ever go away... Abigail has BEAUTIFUL hair. I'm so jealous. My DH has some natural curl in his hair and mine is board straight. I had desperately hoped my little girl would get his hair, but alas, she got mine. I just love those curls on the little girls!

    Well, try to come back sooner than 11 months next time, okay???
  • janney janney's Avatar 09-01-04 | 09:44 AM
  • Where have you been girl? Just kidding, we are thrilled you are back, now this time stay for a while! Both kids are great, so glad to hear everyone is well and happy!
  • Diane1212 Diane1212's Avatar 09-01-04 | 11:48 AM
  • Welcome back! It's good to hear from you! Your children are beautiful!
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 09-01-04 | 12:28 PM
  • Hi Polly, my name is Tracy. My son Milo will be 6 on November 19th. I homeschool my children and live in Washington State. I'm new here since you were here last, so thought I had better introduce myself.

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