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Are your kids overcommitted?

Are your kids overcommitted?

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  • janney janney's Avatar 09-29-04 | 09:18 AM
  • I know I am overcommitted (boy did my DH get on me last night about that subject!) but are our kiddies overcommitted?

    I want to say no...but when I list it Alex does seem busy!

    He has:
    Scouts (often does something with them every two weeks or sooner)
    Drama-once a week
    Student Council-twice a month
    MOE TV reporter-not that busy with that one!
    Sunday school-huge committment of time.

    Emma just has Sunday school and Daisies, she's cool. OF course now that sign ups are over, she has decided she wants to go back to ballet.

    How about your kids?

    I guess he's okay.
  • DanJoshMom DanJoshMom's Avatar 09-29-04 | 09:23 AM
  • Daniel doesn't do anything. He plays t-ball in the summer and that's it. I might do swimming lessons this winter since Josh will be old enough now.
  • PollyS PollyS's Avatar 09-29-04 | 02:13 PM
  • I would have to give a great big NO!! LOL Poor Jackson, I have wanted to put him in something for the longest time but everything I thought of he was always too young for. Can't start Scouts until next year. We aren't really ahtletically inclined, but he did try baseball this summer for one week. (It was a Sports camp at a local church instead of VBS).
    Twice a month he gets to go to an Open Play at Pee Wee Workout but that is only 2 hours.
    I would like to get him into something.

    Abigail has storytime on Tuesday's and Mommy and Me tumbling on Tuesday afternoons.
    She goes to MOPPETS when I go to MOPs on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of the month.
    I think she has an even balance.
  • BexSong BexSong's Avatar 09-29-04 | 02:39 PM
  • Hmmm. He does sound committed but not too bad. I do know an overcommitted child though! Tehya's best friend Kristen is WAY overcomitted and I think they push her too hard. She takes ballet 3 or 4 times a week, Gymnastics once a week, piano lessons once a week and they were even considering getting her in to Tehya's art class!!! Now that is way too much for a child I think.

    Tehya does art class once a week and that's it! She likes to be at home. Gladly for us art class is all we can afford!
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-29-04 | 03:11 PM
  • If Alex is happy keeping busy I don't think its too much for him. If he were to start complaining about going to one or another then I would think about cutting back.

    My 2 have dance classes one day a week but they are thru the school. Rachel's is right after Kindy one day/wk & Leanna's is during the school day. I'm putting Rachel in Girl Scouts but I don't know how often they meet yet. I meet with a playgroup thru Moms Club once/wk with Leanna & once in a while do other activities with Moms Club.

    The horses though are a huge time commitment!

    Last edited by 2babygirls; 09-29-04 at 03:14 PM..

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