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Give a wave and an Update!!!

Give a wave and an Update!!!

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  • TSLeer TSLeer's Avatar 09-24-08 | 08:39 PM
  • Who's around.......what are the kids up to?

    I am also going to use this to update the birthday thread.

  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 09-25-08 | 12:10 AM

  • Sarah has 2 weeks until her Ped. Neurologist appt. I'm counting down the days.
    She's doing well in 2nd grade so far. She didn't slip any in her reading over the summer so I'm pretty satisfied with that.

    We're in the process of upping her ADHD medication.

    Today, she stayed home sick from school - I think she may have caught the illness that swept thru her school but she's not really sick like the rest of the school... just complaining of stomach aches and headaches on and off.
    I hope she sleeps it off tonight and is fine for school tomorrow.

    Andrew is a pistol. Still - he's in Kindergarten and is acting way older than he is.
    He's very smart, but very oppositional too. I keep telling him he needs to use his powers for good, not evil.

    We're all anxiously awaiting the holidays that are rapidly approaching. Its going to be a GREAT holiday season this year
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 09-25-08 | 09:14 AM
  • Christian is doing good, he is adjusting to 2nd grade, or so it seems. I am still watching closly as they have combined 1st and 2nd grades and I am worried he isn't going to be challanged but so far so good.
    He is still having night time wetting issues but I stoped his meds as they wern't working and I am not willing to keep switching drugs every month til they think they fine something that works.
    I am not ready for summer to be over yet, it went by so fast, and now I have Destiny's birthday to get ready for, halloween costumes to make then Christians birthday and he isn't giving us any ideas as of yet.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 09-25-08 | 09:18 AM

  • C is in first grade- loving it.... his birthday was tons of fun! He's playing fall baseball and soccer and is so athletic-
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 09-26-08 | 09:31 AM
  • We're around!

    Jacob is loving second grade- we just had his big IEP meeting at the school (special ed) and he just barely qualifies for services- that's AWESOME (it sounds funny, but I'm glad he tested low enough to keep getting some services like OT and the classroom support). He tested out of speech- they have an assessment and they have to score under 75 to qualify for services- he scored a 101! (average is anywhere from 85-115- so he's right in the middle).

    Abby just started preschool MWF- she's LOVING that- and I'm loving my new found free time.

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