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Arrow It's cookie time!

Girl Scout cookie time that is

Today is/was the first day of presales for the girl scouts in this area.
Sarah and I went out for 2 hours this morning and knocked on doors.
She did WAY better this year than she did last year.
last year, she practically bolted for the street and I had to block her retreat and grab her when she'd knock on a door and there would be a dog barking.
This time, she'd step back a couple steps but she wouldn't bolt.
She stood her ground a whole lot better and I could tell she was still scared but it wasn't totally consuming for her so that she couldn't get to her sales duty.

she got several orders on her "cute factor" alone
she got a bunch of 'Your eyes are such a beautiful blue"

one lady was super fat and Sarah said "you look like you have babies in your tummy "
the woman was very kind after I told Sarah that she wasn't supposed to make comments about stuff like that the woman said it was okay, kids that age have no filter. I still wanted to crawl under a rock.
We were invited into one house (to which we did enter and we really aren't supposed to go inside houses) because it was a very elderly couple and the wife was not able to move from her location and she was 'incharge"
she had O2 going to her nose and she was obviously not doing well physically but mentally she was 100% there! She had some of her children there and a adult teen grandson visiting and they were all very friendly but that old woman adored Sarah and she was SO happy that we came in. She wanted to talk and talk.
She oogeled over all Sarah's badges and fun patches and wanted to know all about her
I was so happy that Sarah didn't say anything to her while inside.
the husband looked just as bad as the wife (with big cysts growing below his nose and a gash on his forehead like he'd fallen)
When we left the house, I asked her if she had been frightened by the woman and she told me know
but she did want to know what those things were in her nose
(the oxygen tubes)

So far, she's gotten orders for 58 boxes of cookies and she hasn't even hit up the family or church yet!

I hate cookie season and love it at the same time (hate to sell them, love to eat them )
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Good for Sarah!

I can't believe it's already cookie time!

I'll have to hunt down someone selling to buy a couple boxes (no one comes to our door ever ).
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Look how much she has matured in one year! It takes a lot to get over a fear and sounds like she's doing a great job with it!
We just started our sales this weekend, too. We've only sold 8 boxes so far. I'm so slacking over here ... We have a ton of Girl Scouts living on our streets and a lot of my gf's kids are now daisys and are selling so we are missing a lot of sales b/c of those reasons. I'll have to have Julia take her sheet in one day to sell. Maybe she'll get some there ...
Our goal per girl on average is 130 ... how much is yours?
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Yeh cookie time!!! I usually buy about 15 boxes and freeze them. That way I will have them all year round.
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last year, we sold what averaged out to be about 145 boxes per girl.

I'm expecting about the same this year, really. We make a troop goal of 1,000 boxes (which is 100 boxes per girl) but several girls have goals of 200 boxes (and I think one has her goal set for higher than that).

We have 10 girls this year instead of 8. But not all the girls have very supportive parents. They don't take their girls out to get preorders and I practically have to FORCE one parent to take her daughter to a minimum of one open booth sale.
(she told me she would rather just donate $65 to the troop than have to have her daughter sell 100 boxes of cookies (profit is $0.65/bo.
You should have heard me get up on my soapbox... again....
and tell all the parents that this exercise wasn't for them, it was for the girls and how valuable it is, yada yada..
One of the other parents was there who did it last year and she kept trying to tell the new moms that its great and you'll be surprised at how easy it is and how fun it is etc... The other parents were, of coures, totally petrified of the whole notion.
But one parent came back to me on Monday after our first weekend telling me she loved it and she loved seeing her daughter in action Her daughter was totally into the whole thing and sold over 110 boxes that first day

we have 7 of our 10 girls in the troop in our neighborhood. (and I know there are mor girl scouts in our neighborhood that are in other troops too) So I took Sarah a few blocks away where I didnt' think there were any girl scouts.

The whole cookie thing is a love/hate thing for me.
Such work... but such a good experience for the kids.
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