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  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-16-04 | 04:43 PM
  • ok, here are a bunch of recent pics

    I took the kids to the Portland zoo when the ILs were visiting our new house a couple weeks ago. They had a fantastic time!

    the penguins were really active and fun to watch that day. They were swimming around the circle (there's an island in the exhibit that the penguins swim around) and one was swimming so fast he looked like a bullet darting around. He'd occasionally comeup out of the water and do these crazy dives while swimming really fast.

    we were amazed that the hipps were actually standing up and walking around!!
    Yes, that's the back of Andrew's head

    There's a small section in the zoo that has a ton of statues that the kids can climb on.
    We spent quite a bit of time letting the kids climb to their hearts content.

    this is just a really good pic of Sarah and her Daddy.
  • cynikkle cynikkle's Avatar 10-18-04 | 11:02 AM
  • Awesome pictures! The kids look like the loved the zoo, and you can sure tell Sarah loves her daddy. You have a beautiful family.
  • Carolyn23g Carolyn23g's Avatar 10-21-04 | 03:44 PM
  • Great pictures Karen. The zoo trip looks fun, and the last pic of Sarah and her Daddy is really great.