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The results are in....

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  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-09-08 | 02:43 PM
  • and the long story short is:
    Her Surgery is scheduled for Nov. 3rd.

    the Neurosurgeon was very nice. She went thru our entire history from prebirth to today asking about all the questions that even MIGHT have relevence.
    She had Sarah walk around on her toes and heels and checked out her reflexes (still doesn't have any on her legs) and we looked at the MRI information etc.

    The Dr then said that the images show that she does have a very minor bit of spina bifida (she pointed to the area and said "see" which I felt like laughing at... I saw nothing )
    and then we watched the video that showed she has no movement in her spine....

    and then the Dr said based on all the information, with the supporting evidence of the potty problems etc, it was pretty obviously a tethered cord and that the surgery should be able to correct most of it.

    We scheduled the surgery for the next possible date open which was Monday Nov. 3rd. I have no other info - not even a time yet.

    In our conversation, we also briefly touched on how I felt that *I* had the same issues and felt that whatever Sarah had, I had too.
    She was pretty certain that I would find the same stuff on my MRI as Sarah has and I told her how I had just had an MRI done and they totally everything. She laughed and said "they've probably never actually seen a tethered cord there" and went on about how they were wrong to just blow me off like I felt they did and she said that after Sarah's deal is all said and done, to send the images to her of me... and she would look at them too.
    wouldn't that be amazing?!?!?!?
    Finally someone who can/will do something about my own problems!
    She said that while my potty problems probably wouldn't go away because they've been problems for so long... too long... the nerve damage is done, that some thing would get better AND that for sure my back pains would go away.
    totally exciting news.

    so now we wait another 3.5 weeks .....
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 10-09-08 | 03:25 PM
  • Very good news Awesome if it can help you too! Wow I'd be estatic!

    What does the surgery entail?
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 10-09-08 | 04:41 PM
  • WOW! Great news and such a super fast turn around time!

    Hey- it's just after your birthday- I have a feeling this will be one of the best gifts EVER.

    I am beyond thrilled for both of you!
  • Jillian Jillian's Avatar 10-09-08 | 04:47 PM
  • FINALLY!!! ANSWERS for Sarah!!
    Sounds promising with her reading your test results, too.
    Good luck and keep us updated!!
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 10-10-08 | 11:48 AM
  • glad you have answers and don't have to wait too long before they are going to do somthing about it.

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