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Birthing Plan

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  • holly302 11-06-08 | 06:51 PM
  • Do any of you have one?

    Are you considering/without a doubt getting an epidural?

    Are you planning a home birth?

    Water birth?

    anything you care to share?

    I personally have never had an epidural with my previous deliveries..I am seriously considering getting one this time around.
    since we are videotaping this one, I would like to stay away from the head-spinning and spewing green pea soup like I did having my other two kids.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 11-06-08 | 07:03 PM


    Holly, I just had to say that I love
    your avitar!!

    too good!!

    I never had an official birth plan and it was probably a good thing too.... Anything I wanted with either of my kids never came to pass even remotely
  • holly302 11-06-08 | 07:10 PM

    Thank you!
    mellie found it for me.

    I totally agree, btw, everytime I "thought" I had a plan, the opposite happened.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-06-08 | 07:11 PM
  • Do you get sick in transition? I always do! The epidural won't do a thing to stop that from happening unfortunately!

    I don't have a birth plan besides getting to the hospital ASAP after the first contraction (I go fast!) in hopes that they'll give me an epidural

    My birth stories are horror stories, so I don't have anything else for the birth part as I know that I'll probably need heavy medical intervention and I can't control anything! I just want us both to be alive when its over! Not too much to ask for right? I'm high risk! I do want to be consulted while in labor if it can be managed so I'm a participant in the medical intervention if I need it. My previous OB's were pretty ok with that, but honestly when things go wrong they do need to act quickly!

    Now I am working on writing down what I want to happen after the baby is born. Now I know I can't control that either, but some things like vaccinations, antibiotics in the eyes and routine Vit K shots aren't needed. I'd also like for them to wait for the cord to stop pulsing before crimping it, but I understand that the health of my baby is much more important. With Nicole she wasn't breathing and they whisked her away as soon as they got her out to pump her lungs and stomach and get her healthy. What I would like to have happen and what might save my babies life are different needs and I understand that! I'd like a calm birth where they place the baby on my chest and I get to bf right away! I hope that gets to happen this time!

  • holly302 11-06-08 | 07:14 PM

    i hope you have a much nicer birth this time around Laura.

    and yes, I get sick during transistion too! especially with Lola.

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