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Everett's birth story

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-25-09 | 03:45 PM
  • So after my appt on the 23rd I was hopeful the 2-3 min apart contractions would start back up and I could go in for "monitoring" and my OB would keep me. Other wise I was on the 24th induction list!

    I laid down and rested for a bit. My DH had gone back to work to tie up loose ends. I called my friend who was planning on being there for the birth and her DH wasn't going to be home until after 9. We planned on us leaving at around 8:30 for "monitoring" and we'd see what happened.

    We ate diner and rested some more. At about 8:15 or so I went to the bathroom and my back was starting to ache just a bit. I joked that it felt like what happened when I went into labor with Christine, but we didn't know for a few hrs. I settled back into bed and 7 min later my back started that low ache again. Very mild! I was bored by then and not thinking I truly was in labor, but hoping the similarities would allow them to keep me we got ourselves together and went to the hospital. About 1/2 way there I told my DH that they could be real contractions, but they didn't really hurt. I was worried that it meant he was posterior like the girls and I'd have horrible back labor!

    We got there at about 9 and they hook me up to the monitors. The contractions are about 7 min apart, but I'm 5 cm dilated vs the 4 I was that afternoon at the office. She goes to check with my OB who is on the floor that night and comes back saying I get to stay! So we move over to a delivery room, I call my friend to let her know I'm staying!

    The anesthesiologist comes really quickly! Right before he came I had a contraction that I had to take a deep slow breath through. Just enough real that I knew I really was in labor. We joked around that I really didn't need him there yet. He was super nice and friendly! We all had a great time joking around and talking while he placed it. It was so weird getting an epi when I wasn't in terrible pain! I thanked him for an enjoyable experience. My DH took the girls out of the room while he was there and walked the halls with them. They came back in when I was fiished. Once again it took more on the right side, but the left leg took too which was nice. My OB came in then and I was 5 1/2 cm dilated and 100% effaced. He asked me if he could break my water to help things progress. Everett was doing great and I said sure.

    It was weird having my water broken before I was nearly or totally complete. I kept feeling warm gushes and had my DH check each time they happened. That warm gush is exactly like I felt when I had the abruption with Nicole! Everything was fine though and my DH was happy to check me each time I felt it to reassure me!

    My best friend showed up at about 10:30. Her DH got home late. I was happily numb and the girls were happy to see her. We chatted and had a great time watching the contractions come at a steadily increasing rate and intensity. The girls watched movies and colored. The nurse brought them in tons of cookies, milk and my friend had brought snacks too! My nurse checked me every hr and I slowly progressed. So different from my previous fast and furious labors! The only annoying thing was my numb skin felt itchy. I was in fabulous spirits, but feeling tired and could tell my body was working really hard despite not being in pain.

    At about 1 AM I started getting an achy pain in my left side in the small of my back. I had my DH push the button for extra epi juice. That worked. 20 min later I needed more. Luckily its on a 20 min timer! 15 min later I needed more and started to throw up. The pain was honestly very manageable with my fist in my back as counter pressure! I had my DH page the nurse that I was nearly complete. Throwing up is my signal that its nearly time to push! I threw up a ton, but the nurse had read my birth plan and equipped me earlier. My throat hurt pretty badly still from throwing up bile the day before for so long, but eventually I felt better! She checked me and I was at a 10 and got my OB!

    My OB came in, the nurse set up a high mirror for me and the girls stood behind the mirror where they could see, but they weren't in the way. We started pushing at 2 AM. His head was presenting a little crooked and my OB had me lay back at a slight angle to push. That straightened him out and he nicely desended. Everything was so calm and peaceful! The girls were so excited! We pushed through about 5 contractions and he was born! No rips, tearing or anything! I couldn't believe how easy it all was! It was so surreal! He came so easily and quickly that I hadn't prepared myself mentally for his arrival and it all happened like a dream.

    They placed him on my tummy and we wiped tons of vernix off of him! Mostly on his back! He is a very hairy little guy with brown fuzzy hair all over his shoulders and back! He has fuzzy ears and sideburns too! I attempted to BF him and he didn't take to it immediately like the girls had. He tried, but was very intent on looking around. My OB waited an extra long time before clamping the cord. Everything had gone exactly to my wishes in my birth plan! My nurse joked with me that they were just following the script I had provided! She loved my birth plan and how real it was and how I knew my body. It made it very easy to follow along and I'm very happy I wrote it up!

    So Everett William Scott A. was born at 2:16 AM, April 24th, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. Just 4 oz more then my prediction of 8 lbs and 20 in!

    The only thing that happened out of the ordinary was I started throwing up a lot again after he was born. They were measuring and weighing him and everyone was over there taking care of the new baby. Luckily I had another bag that I hadn't used in transition. I was finished at about the same time that he was ready to come back to me.

    He is very strong! My girls were much easier to change and such. He fights being changed and likes to be swaddled up tight! He's quite jaundiced and we need to go back on Sunday for repeat testing. He's quite the opinionated little guy and very squaky and he's a screamer! We did get home very late last night. I rested better in my own bed, but was up nearly all night with him. He nurses almost constantly and I know he's getting a ton as he has spit up a ton! I'm pretty sure he's tongue tied and I'm going to see if my Ped will clip it for me. He BFs well it seems, but I'm getting sore quickly and he gets a lot of air in when he eats. He does not appreciate being burped, but is learning to deal with it. If we aren't thorough then he spits up a lot.

    He's passing tons of meconium and all the people who said boys are easier to change totally lied! Its awful! Even my DH has commented on how much harder he is to get clean! He of course doesn't help by fighting with his legs and screaming at the top of his lungs until you get him bundled back up tight! He did much better this morning with a nice warm washcloth wipe and his cloth diapers! It took both of us and about 30 of the most horrible hospital wipes to get him cleaned up the first time. And he peed on us that first diaper change too

    I'm doing great! Sore and stiff, but its minor. The nurse couldn't believe how fast my uterus clamped down. She said it was hard to believe this was my 3rd by how well I was doing. My bleeding has been minimal and while things are a little tender I'm not in any pain. The after birth pains when he BF's get a little crampy and annoying. Hopefully they will be gone soon!

    I'll post pics soon! I need to get them off my camera and I've been feeding and then holding a sleeping Everett as I typed this up one handed.

  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 04-25-09 | 04:17 PM

    Aww, congratulations! It's great that everything went so nicely!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 04-25-09 | 04:38 PM


    congratulations! What a wonderful birth day!

    I have to laugh about cleaning up boys.. Yup. They're not easier
    You'll find nothing is easier... or harder... just different

    My Andrew hated HATED being undressed. He screamed like a banshee every diaper change. He also had a terrible habit of peeing if he felt a breeze. Hence, the routine we established. Open the diaper. pause one second, hold the "dirty" diaper closed (mostly) over his unit but not closed up tight, just sort of hovering over... and wait a couple seconds for him to pee, THEN, change the diaper.
    like clockwork, every time!

    Oh and the spitting up, try relieving your milk into a cloth diaper first to 'take the edge off' your supply before putting him to the breast. If your milk is really strong, he might be gulping trying to keep up and thus swallows extra air. That's what happened to me and all I did was take the edge off the initial let down and then things got much better in the excess air and burp department.

    can't wait to see pics!!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 04-25-09 | 06:25 PM
  • COngrats again! i am so glad it went so well for you. Cant wait to see pictures!!!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 04-25-09 | 09:51 PM
  • Wow- what a great story! What a wonderful experience for you and your family. Congrats!!

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