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Had my first Ultrasound

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  • ~Crystal~ ~Crystal~'s Avatar 11-08-07 | 10:23 AM
  • Yesterday had my first prenatal and first ultrasound. Not as far along as the Dr thought I'm 6 wk 3 days today. So know I'm due June 30th. Wesley loved the ultrasound, we got to see the heartbeat. Wesley know tells everyone his baby is in the water.
  • alla_pech 11-08-07 | 10:57 AM
  • That's great news. It's funny how kids react sometime!
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 11-08-07 | 11:08 AM
  • Sorry they pushed your due date back but glad everything is ok!!
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 11-08-07 | 01:00 PM
  • wonderful!!!
    ... that's so cute about your son ... funny the things they say ...

    i have my first u/s today too ... i'm really hoping my dd doesn't get pushed back b/c my m/s this week has been killing me ... i have my first ob appt. next week and the way this week has been going i'm a little nervous that i won't have gained any weight ...