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  • holly302 10-29-08 | 07:34 PM
  • Anyone experience an influx of headaches when they are pg? I dont have a problem with them normally, but in this pregnancy i seem to be getting them daily. I have read that people who normally suffer from migraines get relief while pg..and now I am wondering if the opposite is true.

    tylenol is safe to use, right?
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 10-29-08 | 07:38 PM
  • Yeah, you can use Tylenol. The headaches can usually be taken care of with rest and water though. I've been getting them a lot to and its from dehydration. The smallest amount of not drinking enough and my head hurts. I haven't had to take any meds yet as the water has been working.

    I think its pretty typical to get headaches while pg. Many women I know get get them only while pg, or more frequently while pg.

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 10-29-08 | 09:19 PM
  • Every single focking day!!! It totally butt sucks!! I am ready to cry daily before lunch and barely can make it through work some days. It is ugly. If it gets worse, I don't know what I will do.

    I use tylenol and a coke -- and I generally drink 2-3 bottles of water each day plus milk and juice.
    It takes 2-3 hours for it to die down.

  • holly302 10-30-08 | 12:40 PM

    i feel your pain.