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Here She Is!!! Birth and Pictures -Molly

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Old 04-18-09, 09:26 PM
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Default Here She Is!!! Birth and Pictures -Molly

OK-- sorry this took so darn long!!! Seems like I can't get to the computer at all these days. I have the tv babysitting the big boys right now

So, she was born to one very large and annoyed mama, since I was so darn uncomfortable for so darn long! (see picture one -- it shows the physical and emotional state of affairs only 48 hours before giving birth... It's not a pretty picture!

Here's the long and short of it --

She was due on Easter and I had braxton hicks all day, but nothing big or consistent. It was annoying, but hopeful. Over night I had more contractions each time I got up to go to the bathroom (about every hour

When I got up to go pee at 6 am, I could feel the bulge...
My water broke all over the floor as I was lowering my butt to the toilet (sorry -TMI). Phew! I got sleep and baby was on her way. The contractions weren't big or quick yet, but the doc said to come on in to the hospital so my epidural preliminary work could get started before the contractions took hold.

We dropped the boys at the neighbors (they were thrilled it was finally "baby day") and off to the hospital we go. The contractions are kicking in by this point.

By 7am or so we are at the hospital. Contractions are hurting, but tolerable. They have me get on the bed for some fetal monitoring and the contractions kick in like a mother F******!!!!!



They do an IV for fluids for the Epi, they do the blood draw and the contractions are coming super strong and really close together... I am totally freaking out (I am the sissy queen)...
Then I have to push and poop and I'm trying to breath but I just want to be shot in the head because baby is coming too fast, her head is almost out and I have no damn epidural...

SHIT!!!!! I cannot believe it - but I had to go all natural!!! It hurt so freakin' bad -- like nothing I'd ever felt before!! How the heck is the human race still around? How have women done this for thousands of years????

So, I push (I had to, but I sure didn't want to if you know what I mean)... Teh anesthesologist shows up for the epidural -- I was so pissed!!! Baby's head comes out, but her shoulders get stuck!!!
and a nurse climbs on the bed and starts pushing the top of my belly down to force her out... She comes out with another burst of pain... DH was standing in the corner just floored by the sudden burst and hecticness of the delivery... Seriously -- it went from contractions to birth in a matter of minutes... YIKES!

It's 8:33 am!! My other labors were 10 hours and 8 hours... How the heck did she come in two hours, 33 minutes???

She is perfect!! Her official name is Molly Grace Q.
8 pounds 3.2 ounces
20 inches
blue eyes and golden brown hair...

I stayed at the hospital until Wednesday. She was very gassy and upset most of Tuesday. She eats like a champ already nursing 20 minutes on each side. I ran out of colostorum for a bit and gave her an ounce of formula, but other than that she is a nursing queen.

We are home and loving life. My postpartum discomfort is non-existent and the bleeding is almost gone (sorry - TMI)...

Life is great!!


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Old 04-18-09, 09:56 PM
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So glad that she is here for you! She is just a doll!!! Congratulations again!
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Thank you Keepers!
Oreo (04-18-09)
Old 04-18-09, 10:00 PM
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She is absolutely perfect!
Congratulations to your family. Peek-a-boo I see your dh.
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Thank you Chickie!
Oreo (04-18-09)
Old 04-18-09, 10:04 PM
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I LOVE her birth story!! And she's worth every ounce of that pain, I'm sure!!

Congratulations, Mama!! You're a STAR!!
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Thank you Dopey406!
Oreo (04-18-09)
Old 04-18-09, 10:16 PM
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WTG Mama! She is absolutely perfection!
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Thank you KJCsabre!
Oreo (04-18-09)
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