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Jacob's Birth Story

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  • holly302 03-26-09 | 05:26 PM

    Hi everyone

    What an experience!
    First, let me tip my hat to those ladies who have had c-sections. I underestimated the pain that goes along with a c-section and I have new found respect for all of you!!!

    Last weekend, I had several small and big contractions with an almost constant backache. We were thinking of going in Saturday night, but when the contractions got further and further apart, I decided to stay at home and see what would happen. Sunday I woke up feeling fine and went about my day...I started to have a weird discharge, but I thought it was remnants of my everlasting plug.

    Monday morning I woke up feeling completely different. I still didnt have patterned contractions, but this time my back was feeling worse. I called the OB at 730am and he told me to come in at noon to be checked or to go into L&D if I felt worse. I managed to make it to noon and when he checked me he said I was a 5 and almost a 6 when contracting (I was contracting when he checked me too.) So, DH dropped me off at the hospital and he went to drop off DD with some friends. They got me hooked up to the machine and everything look fabulous. After an hour, they told me to walk with DH in the halls. By this time I was feeling more painful contractions, but I was surprised that they weren't that painful. DH and I were actually laughing and chatting the whole way and really enjoying the time (i know, that's odd to say

    My nurse (who was the same nurse that helped me deliver Lola!) told me I could walk for a half an hour...when that time came, I asked if I could walk some more and she let me. So, after an hour I went back on the machines. I was checked and was told I was a 7 and the baby was at a 0 station. I still was shocked and at bit concerened, that I wasnt in alot of pain.
    I then started having some bad backache and asked if I could sit up...that's when all hell broke loose. The moment I sat up the baby had a severe d-cell. I didnt know what was going on until the lead nurse and another nurse came in the room and asked my nurse if she noticed that d-cell...they had be lay flat and tried to find his hb. It was minutes before they found it again and by this time I had oxygen slapped to my face and my nurse yelled to the other one to call my OB. DH started to panic and I just felt dazed. I coudlnt believe it. They had be lie on my back in this funky positin and finally Jake's hb came back, loud and strong.

    My OB was there in 10 mins and told me that since my membranes were still intact, it makes him worry why there was such a severe d-cell and for that amount of time..he wanted to do an emergency c-section. I burst into tears because I was so scared. All I kept thinking was maybe the time that we couldnt hear his hb he would have suffered and something bad would happened to him. I was taken down to the OR and there were tons of people in there...they were all very nice and came to reassure me and a few recognized who I was and they seemed to have taken more time to explain to me what was going on.

    My OB came and grabbed my legs and told me to curl against him...this was face was literally in this man's stomach for nearly 5 mins before the other doc put in the spinal. I have never had one of those and it was the oddest feeling...Im then placed on my back and the table was tilted to my doc so I wouldnt be flat on my back. DH arrived in scrubs and they started.

    At 4:42pm Jacob was born. I was
    and so was DH. He is absolutely beautiful (im biased, of course
    ) and he weighed 8lbs, 12 ozs and is 20 inches long. They took him to the nursery and dh went with him as my doctors were finishing up. I was then taken to recovery and they were having a hard time keeping my body temp up. I was shaking something horrible and started to feel nausea...oh, my ....the nausea lasted until 1am!!!!! It took a so long to get me back to my room and baby, that the nursery gave Jake a bottle due to low blood sugar. When I finally saw him, it had been 3 hours after he was born. I tried to sit up and nurse and vomited green stuff (sorry, TMI) I tried to nurse laying on my side and he started to spit up...I reacted too fast and then I started to throw up! My son and I looked like some South Park cartoon!

    It took 3 shots of Reglan to stop the nausea and finally Jake was nursing. He is a nursing CHAMP! I was so afraid that the bottle would have thrown him off, but he latched and hasnt stopped since then. In fact, my milk was in fully by wednesday morning. He has had some issue with spitting up because fluids dont get squished outta c-section babies like they do vag babies. He is nursing every 2-3 hrs for 15-20mins each side. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. He is very gassy and burps and passes gas constantly.

    So, that's all. I am home now with 22 staples. I go in monday to get them removed. I am in alot of pain, mostly when I have been sitting or lying down too long and then get up to stand. We are all doing great and I want to thank all of the ladies who took time to say Congrats
    Thank you for the emails also. A special thank you for Brandi for letting you all know when Jake arrived. I am going to attach a few pics. Thank you all
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 03-26-09 | 06:20 PM


    Wahoo!!! Sounds like a wild ride!!!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who is a puker (but I do it with labor)...

    I'm sorry you're sore, but I'm so glad your story has a happy ending with a healthy boy in your arms!

Thank you Oreo!
holly302 (03-26-09)
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 03-26-09 | 06:46 PM
  • Wow! What a story Holly! So glad everything is okay- and it sounds like you have quite the sense of humor to deal with it all. I am so happy for you and your family! Soon that pain will go away- so feel better. Congrats and welcome again Baby Jacob!!
Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
holly302 (03-26-09)
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 03-26-09 | 07:01 PM
  • What a story! I'm sorry you ended up with surgery, but I'm so glad he's healthy and you're both doing so well! I hope your recovery is fast!

Thank you LAB!
holly302 (03-26-09)
  • holly302 03-26-09 | 07:10 PM
  • for some reason I couldnt get these pics to post earlier
    here are a few of Jake at the hospital and at home today.

    Last edited by holly302; 08-30-09 at 02:36 PM..

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