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  • Just30 10-05-07 | 07:30 PM
  • Hello ladies! I wanted to let you know that I had my appt today and everything looked great! We had a vaginal u/s (sorry if TMI) so we saw the baby...and the heartbeat!!!!! It was so exciting and I felt so much relief!!! I had the impulse to call "it" the Little Guy...I'm not sure why...maybe I have the instinct that it IS a boy. My next appt isn't until 11/2.
    [SIZE=2]A question for you all. I have the option to have an early sonogram to detect chorosomal (?) disorders in the first trimester...apparently it is 95% accurate. I think it's called Nuchal Trnaslucency Sonogram. Anyway, I think I am going to go ahead and do it since my insurance covers it. Have any of you had this? Can you tell me what it entails?[/SIZE]
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 10-06-07 | 09:55 PM
  • I did it a couple of weeks ago and it is just a finger stick and an u/s. I am really glad I did it and it is so great to see the baby again!!
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 10-07-07 | 02:49 PM
  • I did it as well, but there are some who will say not to do it because of false positives. I'm 34 and everything came back normal, but just so you know if you do get a positive, that it could be wrong! I promised myself I wouldn't stress over it if it did come back positive, so just something to think about.
    I absolutely loved getting the early u/s though! It was my first!!!
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 10-08-07 | 08:32 AM
  • My Dr. told me about it at my last Dr. appt. It's a regular u/s but they measure cerain things to check for possible birth defects. Apparently at around 12 weeks in your pg the thickness of the skin around the baby's neck can tell the Dr. if he or she could have downs. And that's just one check. I *believe* my Dr. checked for that with our last u/s but I didn't actually request it because I didn't want to know. I also won't have the quad screen testing done at 15 weeks.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 10-08-07 | 09:00 AM
  • great appt! I know how nervous you were-- feel better now?!?!

    I had that done-- like the other ladies, was glad I did.... my test was 3 parts-- blood work- 1- checks for an increased level of hcg as well as an increased level of the afp protein the baby secrets... those increase 'could' indicate an increased chance of trisomy 18 or 21- 21 is downs...u/s- 2- checks for that thickness of the brain stem beth mentions-- over 3mm (i think- 3 something
    ) indicates a potential problem as that measurement is seen with downs babies quite often but not always) and follow up blood work at 16-18 weeks 3- re-checks those hormone levels to see the growth pattern-- sometimes they are high early then level out...

    this 'sequential' screen test replaces the quad screen that is sometimes done-- and is somewhere around 95% accurate in catching chromosonal abnormalities mentioned was created to combat the false positives jenni mentions.

    my dr recommended this to ease my mind more so- bc I had some losses that were chromonally related- and not that my chances were increased to see this again, but I just needed to know.....

    i'm 31- will be 32 when I deliver....

    there's always that 5% chance that there is an undetected issue-- but I needed the knowledge....and it was worth the risk of being stressed out a bit ....

    also- if you get this, see about having some genetic counseling with it too? I just met with a woman who explained all of this to dh and i-- and it was great info...

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