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  • holly302 11-16-08 | 07:50 PM

    thats the best way I can surmise my emotions lately.

    This past week, DH has been a PITA. Even when he blinked, I was upset. As of yesterday, I have offically become an additional appendage on my husband. I want to be around him all the time..want to have all of his sickens me.

    of course, he is LOVING it
    He always says how he wishes I was more "clingy" and "needy" that just makes me want to
    He keeps remarking how different I am this pg than i was with DD. With her, I couldnt stand to be in the same room the entire pregnancy...its totally different now.

    that is, until next week when he does something gooberish and makes me mad again.
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 11-16-08 | 09:12 PM

    i'm emotional too...I cry at everything!!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-17-08 | 02:51 PM
  • Don'tcha love the flip flop emotions! Hopefully he'll stay not annoying and rake up the attention he so desires!

  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 11-17-08 | 08:14 PM
  • I've been the same way! Three weeks ago poor George couldn't do anything right and then this week I want to be up his butt! He's always so busy I made him promise me that Sunday would be all about me....well Saturday night I reminded him and he said "Oh crap, well let me call Dusty (his best friend)" and I was like "Why?" and he said "B/c we were planning on going fishing tomorrow, I'll just call and cancel" Okay, I'm he starts laughing about 3 seconds later and says "Honey I'm jsut kidding, I remember tomorrow's all about YOU!" Unfortunately for him, I was already crying...hysterically. LOL He was so freaked. He was Like "I'm sorry, it was a joke, I'm so sorry"
    And I realized that he really WAS joking, but I was too far gone by then to stop crying for a few minutes....of course we spent the whole day together getting stuff we needed for the nursery and finishing our baby registry's (Target, Walmart and Babies R Us) and went to dinner at my mom's and he never complained ONCE and we had such a GREAT day!

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