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So baby hungry!

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-08-09 | 02:18 PM
  • We went over to pick up some baby clothes from a guy that used to work with my DH until last month. One of the girls that used to work there, but is due the same day as me got huge boxes of hand me downs from a relative. She took what she wanted and dropped it off at the guys house. They took what they wanted and gave us the rest. I was very shocked to find some super cute stuff in the boxes! Being the 3rd people to pick through them we were expecting well thirds
    I've got Ralph Lauren T's and Gymboree outfits now! There was the cutest Gymboree chipmunk outfit with a matching hat in there! Got to love a newborn hat with ears!

    Anyway, I thought she'd still be pg as she was about a week ahead of me, but we got there and they had him 3 weeks early! He was 5 days old! I was surprised that she let the girls hold him (she offered, I'd never have asked!). I did have the girls wash their hands before holding him! The girls were in love! He was 7 1/2 lbs and sooooo cute!

    It was interesting seeing how my girls acted so differently. Nicole just wanted to hold him forever and loved every minute of it. Christine held him for about 5 minutes and then said she was done. So Nicole got a second turn which she loved! She's such a good baby holder. While Nicole held him, Christine was playing with his hands and feet and really getting into the interaction part of having a new baby. It was so fun so see the differences in their personalities and how they acted with him.

    They named him Emerson (not sure if that's spelled right). Another guy at work just had a baby girl named Elizabeth this week. They are calling her Ellie. We'll have an Everett and the girl with the clothes is naming her son Ethan! I guess this is the month for E names

    I can't wait to have our baby now! My arms are just aching to hold a tiny baby again!

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 04-08-09 | 02:21 PM
  • I'm ready, too!!

    Bring it on. The braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more frequent, but they aren't the real deal yet. I've lost a bit of the plug, but not enough to think "game on".... Come on, already!!!!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 04-08-09 | 02:23 PM
  • oh-- and glad you got some good stuff!!!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-08-09 | 02:26 PM
  • We'll be holding our little ones soon! Today would be a good day to have a baby

  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 04-08-09 | 02:46 PM
  • Sounds like you got some great stuff. I bet the girls cant wait for their little brother.

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